teenage pregnancy

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I have these two friends... In school, they both have goals and dream. Both got pregnant at eighteen. Sweet girls that fell victim to all of the lies- Of “Love” they thought they had from other “Nice Guys.”
Just another divorce Just another teenage pregnancy Just another death Just another drop-out Just another homocide Suicide Aborticide Massacre Just another war
Just eighteen, oh so young, but all bulged up. Her mom will slap her, her dad will kill her. Her boyfriend will not even see her. She looks at the pile of books and articles on her desk, so messed up like her life.
The world is mine for the taking Every day something new Discovering who I can be What can I do? Born into a broken home Always fighting for the spotlight Never one for trouble
(poems go here) everyday you look around what do you see Teenage pregnancy it could be me but i tell myself i ain't got time for that got to get my education thats where it's at diapers clothes milk and wipes rock a bye baby wont sleep at night br
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