Style of Shakespearean Sonnet

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  Your eyes shone bright into my darkened soul. Your smile lightened up my sorrowful life. Your touch made me leap, made my stomach roll.
alone and unwanted is all she ever felt just her and her mom to take on the long nights the most pain she has ever delt she sites a father and his daughter surrounded with the glowing lights
Insecurity filled the teenager With agony, pain and woe. This emptiness will take her To a place where happiness is low. Heavyset is how they described her So she focused on losing weight.
To be, or not to be, That is the true question. Whether it is or was nobler to express yourself, Without having to be judged by others on if you're "normal or not"
When darkness has crept over blue heavens And your name has swept like Rumor through my mind, No song, no sight can ease anger's weapons And no hope of this storm's end can I find,
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