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                         Mujer, eras tan linda. Eras tan bonita Fuiste tan educada, tan joven y llena de vida. Eras tan amable. Eras tan hermosa
A real wife Is the other half The spouse Of the big or small house
Femme, femme, ô gentille femme Mon amour, ma fleur, mon entame Dans mon calepin journalier
Something terrible has happened and I would rather have contracted rabies.My wife and I haven't made love for over two years amd we have twin babies.When I learned that she cheated on me, it was hard to believe.
Every time you say I-love-you, it sounds the same way. You’ve said it more times than I can remember, But it feels so good to hear you say it again tonight. I know that you mean it because your actions show it. .
Doing all of these things becuase I love you...   Listening and valuing your opinions because I love you, Respecting and loyalty to you because I love you, Making you feel important and wanted
It's like drinking a tall glass of ice water after walking through the Sahara  It's a long hot shower after working all day  It's facing your fears and coming up victorious  It's being broken but still refusing to give up 
My hand makes contact with yours  Your fingers interlock with my fingers  Your holding my hand in your hand  My hand swings yours forward  We walk hand in hand as one  Your hand squeezes mine 
The lush meadow grass, A bright sunny day. Palm clasped in yours Through the fields we'll play.   We can sing and talk, I'll ask you how you are.
  I want the boy with our baby cradled to his chest I want the girl wearing leggings and my sweatshirt I want someone  who will share food with me and let me barrow their fork
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