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Let me get you old geezers hip to the jive I want you to be in the know ya dig  It's the new millineum jive turkeys  So here's the skinny  If someone says "You're bae" 
I once told him that it was okay, I’ve been called worse.
 Truth is, I hadn’t.
 And when he hugged me and apologized
It can be black, chrome, found inna home Stashed inna room and they all go boom!
Look once, Speak once, but before you do: Think twice.   Your Words,  they burrow deep, like grimy, sharp-clawed mice.   The syllables you say, nouns you don't mean,
My favorite animal is  Homo sapiens sapiens   This mammal has it all It's cute It's smart It is easily house trained   It's so adaptable So good at long distance travel
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