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That Jungle Fever   We got an issue in America. . . It's called Interracial Dating/
in the lonely republic, a little white girl puts pink and red ribbons on her dark skin barbie, the one she hides from her mother.
A Velvet Flower He could see through her heart as if it were diaphanous Sheer like the velvet flower she had given to him before she had ran off into the night
The streets raised me from the dusk to dawn never knew life could be less fun suicide attempts everyday with my gun people think i'm okay but i'm not and then some
  As I listen to her taunting  me  With a daunting smile Bickering and fighting Like a child She’s in my  face so is the crowd She shouts  pop off  bitch pop off Were close closer than close
They aren’t living, they’re avoiding death Life is shabby and death is graceful They can’t see life as a death wish A wish to be living at your death When I die I’ll be falling
Wondering aimlessly through black, a flicker of light, a smear of white, is all but I ask. 
Being different is scary. when you don't act like every one else, people judge you. but today I say I am proud of being different! I don't care if people call me names, i know my true friend love me for me.
A flush of emotion. An inescapable vortex of contemplation. Where do I begin? To sit here and think seems so wasteful without action. I find it difficult to speak. What am I trying to say?
Take a deep breath, relax, Pick up a pen, and write. Let your mind take you in a direction Where you’ve never gone before Wondering upon the depths of a life’s journey To the rocky plains of the mountain tops
When I was tossed into the darkness, I was lucky enough to be ignored but still I felt the sword...still I felt the sword.
It's just another day, I see the sun through the window blinds The same people, same problems I worry about too many times.
School is cool Yet I can feel like a fool. Man don't get on me. I'm aspiring to be all I can be. So I may not have parents who are college grads, but the way yall be hating makes me mad. So listen up
This isn't your fault, it's mine, Waiting for trust to be built by the passing of time. Being amiable and trusting was my folly. I was fooled by fake smiles and laughter,
Am I lost for not deciding which road to call my own? I thought the road to success was always under reconstruction, so to each man his own. Whether a doctor or lawyer, a poet is what I'll be
A closed hand tightly holding no object quickly appears in your vision That's my fist now heading towards your face My knuckles bluntly make contact with your cheek replicating the sound of a sudden body drop
Snow cannot compare To these white rooms Even wool cannot warm The impending mood Silence is only broken By the music of machines Visit only bring Blood transplants And more chemotherapy
(poems go here) The inching cloud of darkness crept across the sky like impending waves The landscape was as still and perfect as protected museum artifacts that such a night craves
I stare at the sky in a gaze, Amazed, As if a cop just hit me with a taze I go by the name Daze; I remember when they used to confuse me with Stace Always kept her shoes laced While I dreamt for a new pair
Long ago I was told the equation of the earth, by a man who was gifted a sour perception, that if the world was x, than negative one would be its worth. He conceived, in any cause, cruel controls kind, without exception.
Where's my pen? I need to write Stressed Beyond A Measurable Amount What's the essay prompt? "Describe yourself" I'm a mess Scratch that I'm messed up
The night sky is as innocent as a daytime cloud To nature this is understood to nature this is sound However, we are enveloped by a mindset quite more diverse Our minds are blinded by sight, oh what a curse
(In the Future… AIDs only exist to help In the Future… HIV forgot the E and refers to the residence of bee’s In the Future… children like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis are not murdered because men feel threatened
Rough, old winds drummed against The side of our shack, our lean-to home Barely dead rain dampened our spirits – Throw a stranger an unexpected smile. Bitingly blue memories scream at me –
O Jimmy Walters Your eyes shine like the screen of my phone when I get a text Your voice sounds like angels having orgasms And my heart fluttered when you asked me for the answers of last night's homework
Okay – so there’s this girl at the Back of the class – and she’s always Got her nose in the pages of a book – I mean he’s never even seen her face, That’s how much she’s literally ingrained
The songs we heard under the wooden porch Are still carried in my ears – ringing something awful. Sighing anger is dead when we’re away and the Great, wet blue is hanging above – judging
Once upon a time lived a child very small Who believed that the world was magical and tall And never saw an end in sight of it all And built up dreams that were too big to fall
There is an irony of Stars and Wishes You make a Wish, oh you wish so hard You want love and for your dreams to come true You cram all of your wishes into that Star But there are consequences…
“I pledge alliance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.”
When my dad was a kid he had a diagnosis to him this was no joke he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis this is nothing we can revoke Theres not really a cure the steroids he has to take always reassure
If I had your lips on mine Everything would be just fine Now, wouldn’t it be just divine, if I could have your lips on mine? Wouldn’t it be so good if you weren’t considered “from the hood”?
I knew a girl that never wore shorts or short sleeved shirts, she never wore shorts or short sleeved shirts. I mean it’s something that no one really thinks twice about or even once about her.
I just cannot stop here, All these memories bring me to tears, I see a face that I cannot bear, And a feeling that becomes too rare.
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