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Oh foreigner, I have lots of fine boys in my area, and good girls in my corner, may i bring you together?   The question is not really one, as her mind is already piecing it, bit by bit.
my mind is a mess of thoughts and texts of love letters and feelings that never digest.   not sure who this is for but i'll still write some more hoping it'll draw
sky of clouds looms heavy over my head like the weight of your love pushing down on my shoulders.   streams of milky sugar line the cotton-candy sunset and it's a bittersweet feeling.  
i was a full garment before i met you.   i may have had some loose strings,   but they were nothing that a pair of sewing scissors couldn't fix.   then you gave me that million-dollar smile.  
I need a reason to fall in love again. To let gravity take me without catching myself. To believe that I deserve more than I let myself take. After all, how can a heart be broken if there is nothing left to break?
Waited this long for love? Been silly for love? Been mocked for waiting long? That's me at 21.
I had this thing for someone that I knew was bad My freinds told me to leave him  Now he dumped me and I am sad I feel alone in this world I have a twin but she doesn't help My mom is in jail
I had this thing for someone that I knew was bad My freinds told me to leave him  Now he dumped me and I am sad I feel alone in this world I have a twin but she doesn't help My mom is in jail
Single and enjoying the sun Chilling doing my own thang Not worried about a damn thing Getting my grind right Reminding where it started Fuckin up Daydreaming of the things I'd never see
Picture It   If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, What is the worth of a single word alone?  
I. Just. Love. You. No words in the world are more true   People say that I want many things Maybe a dress and maybe a ring That I ask too much I should love for a touch
13   She should’ve chosen me. Instead, I watch closely to the boy, the wasn’t  me. I wish I could be a He. I wish she would like a She.  
Alone Always appeared Similiar to drowning But today floats effortlessly Lovely
In the beginning, there was Us. Sometimes I thought that my smile would blind people, It burned so brightly for you. And nothing touched me more
Salt is an accessory, not to be consumed aloneBut, salt is bitterShrewd white crystals that should be used in moderationBut I ate too muchClumps grasp at the walls of my throat
Got to stay single Nowadays boys trying to stimulate you in every which way With the "baby you the only one I talk to"
Our family was never traditional I am the youngest But mentally, I am the oldest out of everyone Other than you
The freaking single life is so amazing. I really know how to rock it out. There's so much clarity during gazing since there's no breakup to pout about.    I can look at abs on Instagram
Please tell me it was I who made you leave I do not want to believe that you meant to walk away I want to blame myself
Yeah I know. This is supposed to be hard. This ridiculousness Has to get me Thinking I really miss this thing I felt. She Ain't gonna be my missis
"Yeah, I was a pretty great ball player." "Uh-huh." "Yeah, my parents take me and my friends to Florida every year." "Awesome." "Yeah, I've never had to work a day in my life." "I figured."
Roses are red Violets are blue I like bacon More than I like you   Tulips are pink Marigolds are yellow Don't you dare Touch my jello
You didn't give me butterflies in my stomach.You gave me fireworks.  
Some people use this word with pride. Others are embarrassed to use it. I am neither prideful nor embarrassed.  Because I am not single.   Single means my heart belongs to no one.
You can find me where the dust sparkles in the window from the sun's rays You can find me- there   I'll be hiding beside the curtain blending into the wall
Why am I nor happy? I have such a big porch for me alone. I have the life that no one else owns. I have gold that no other holds. Why am I not happy? I have all I want, But something stands.
When you look at me Jay My world stops completely You make me feel special Especially when you tell me that you need me
I am living but I'm not alive Everynight I let myslef cry I go to sleep hoping to never wake up I am living but I'm not alive  I've gone through things and I wish I died I wake up but I'm still dead
What to do with all the hurt? When inside you're fit to burst. You're supposed to be so strong. You're supposed to not be wrong. Put a face that betrays the truth. Give an air of being aloof.  
"Why must love feel like a heart attack"?Some may sayCausing our hearts to sputter one final beatThump, thump, shhDifferent types of love lause different types
I am holding a bladeUp to my wrist In the knife all I see is lies upon liesBut then I see youAnd your little blue eyesYou say put the kinfe down AuntieOr I will crySo I put down the kinfe
Does it matter that these tears fall for you? That they hit the floor and the page, but not your hand? Does it bother you that you did this to me? When will you pull me out of this quicksand,
Hollow Ghost of Red Heart             Ominous with frantic rage             Yet vindictive under the Vail             Luminous as starlight nights
Breathing Just Fine             Held under water             Gazing upon him             We fight for a way out             The sea blue runs black            
Homeless individuals sleep with dreams of what they used to be Now they have moved on leaving the new generation drowning sea to sea No education, no temptation, to get a dream fulfilled
The time has come, my choice is made This life is cruel and humanity has no hope
It is strange that I had never touched a cigarette until I had remembered how the taste would linger in my mouth after I had kissed you?
I try to find myself, but I've been lost for forever. It's like I'm going in a circle so you'd think I'd know better. I'm somewhat lost in a trance,  I can't find myself. Took 34 pills disregarding my own health.
My friends only talk about all their love.  Girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever it might be, Their partner must be a gift from above, and then there is little, ole' dateless me....  
Only a single tear in the salty sea Only a single word that echoes back to me No
A rose, but one, none other rose did I have, A rose, one rose, and this was a wondrous creation, One rose a rose that brightened earth and sky, One rose, my rose, that sweetened my breath and air,
I had yearned for so long I had waited for too long I died inside for too long no love no compaasion no warm embrace not even a tender touch quiet nights desperate mornings
In the silent waves she saw herself, Lost and confused, she cried for help. Through the screams and moans that came tumbling out, The distorted images that filled her with doubt. No longer could she stand alone,
It feels like I been here before I feel familar with this scene these words theses actions I feel like its on everyones minds thoughts lips tounge, its  been in every corner of the  world this feel to familar yet it has no shape, nor organic matte
Where are you going, I can't find you, where are you going,  I just trusted you, Where are you going tonight.    I just wanted you, and I just needed you, I am waiting, I am alone, 
My life is like a bad fairytale. Dragons lurk in every cave, ogres in every shadow. When I get to the place where the castle should be, what do I see? The evasive palace has escaped me.
 I want to love you for forever and a day. Til the sun comes down, and its time to lay. Til, the wind blows and the seas roar. I wanna be with you, but dont forget theres one more.
My blood ran cold as he looks at me,i shiver as his breeze past me, i look apon his face and i worry... why is this i wonder?
Hey Mr. Principal, Hey Mr. Smith, I hope you sit comfortably – On your plush office plinth, With all your private accolades – That no one could care about, To the varsity trophies –
Eventually   Eventually you’ll run out of tears, Eventually you’ll run out of fears. Eventually you’ll run out of sadness,
Love a 4 letter word, though it holds so much gravity yet we throw it around like something thats only worth a penny Hate
money in shabeled people dying citeies broken great peole forgotten have hope for the futrue
Let's pop some pills, Fall in loveCut our wrists and spill our bloodDrink come Gin, let's die tonightCome on Demons, help end our lifeLet us bleed, for what we see
Let's pop some pills, Fall in loveCut our wrists and spill our bloodDrink come Gin, let's die tonightCome on Demons, help end our lifeLet us bleed, for what we see
All the cliques laugh away While I sit and watch Wondering where my friends are Wondering where you are Wondering why distance keeps us apart.   The teachers will lecture
You clenched at my chest, For a sweet rational moment. Heart drop. Bottom rock. The bitter grin Made my face numb like gin. The only Substance That can Be Absorbed
a door opens, but not by me.  responsibility  to respond and receive  a fix, yet the problems  still exist. mixed  company to coupling  to troubling the waters 
When I found out I liked boys I knew I would be boy crazy Every time I liked one, another one seemed to amaze me Then, when I found about a relationship, it would blaze me
I AM JUST TRYING TO BE IN LOVE BUT I CAN’T STAY IN ONE PLACE somebody gave me wings so I could fly away from every place I ever wanted to stay they told me that having it all isn’t worth it
My Black is Beautiful, My Black is free Thanks to all of the Blacks that came before me Three years old no father killed by the life he lived Please little black girl don’t cry I reached but he wasn't there
Fighting to keep the past behind Fighting to keep the ground underneath my feet While all around the world dissolves to ashes All around me
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