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Great wide teeth, tear off a piece, 
My personality is ferocious, I'll go off on you without percaution, I'll viciously tear off your head with my words, I will creep up on you and attack you with my speech.
Dear Fear, I was told by a character in a cute little movie that you used caution to keep me safe— —So please explain to me why I’m scared of sharks in my swimming pool.
23/10/2008gota watch the surface the shadow of my eyelids are always upon me love it all you want but just dont repeat it the shadow of my eye is always upon me FQN ALL FIND IT HARD TO KEEP U'R MOUTHS SHUT what i find hard to comprehend is u dont
I feel the sand between my toes
I try to type "fuck you", But I can't find the letters And no one can read the extra spaces   I can make okay Sound like shut the hell up, But I'm the only one who can hear it  
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