sex trafficking

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She was not even old enough to know  The first time she was sold.  Men would come;  Men would go. She could only come;  She could never go.  She always did what she was told, 
They Come     They come in the dawn. They come in the night. They come in the dark. They come in the light.   They come in the Morning, And afternoon. They come in the evening,
Girl alone or full on piled As they slipped through blood, “Oh this girl’s wild” She didn’t know her breaths could be swallowed Oh no, she was just a child   4, 5, who loses count?
Houston, Texas is the sex trafficking capital of the United States. The average age of female victims that are first captured is  12-14 years old
One by one they pass by Looking down upon the girl that sells herself There eyes yell disgusting words and hatred   They don't even try to look into her dull blue eyes
Desk, chair, paper, pencil, desk.Scratching on a clipboard what makes you
Entangled in crimson chains, her ululations remain loud, chilling, unheard
Gentle words, soothing and caring, Filling the holes with stones. They don't fit right, but they stop the heartache, the sadness, the lonliness
Taken from familiarity All comforts stripped away Just like her soul Exposed to all, disrobed In the most unceremonious Of ways
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