Senior Year

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A vast landscape beckens onerous treks  Entreating tilling rocks and honest thoughts. Paths ahead intersect, awaiting steps Lined along eager vines and ochre moss.  
sitting next to mein almost every classthe girl with the blonde hair. although our friendship beganat the end of junior yearshe always influenced me,ever since the first day of school.
I'm used to seeing my mother smile and be giddy. But the moment I became a Senior in High School, Her smile suddenly became non existent.   When I brought a letter home about Senior activities,
I'm used to seeing my mother smile and be giddy. But the moment I became a Senior in High School, Her smile suddenly became non existent.   When I brought a letter home about Senior activities,
Senior year was dimmed by the coming shadow of applying to college Countless hours in coffee shops writing essays The alternating waves of excitement and stress It’s all about the money
The future is coming, it’s closing in, it’s imminent Be prepared, figure it out before the rest Decisions made now affect the rest of my life
what am i? i have seven months to define seventeen years in 650 words or less. no problem; i have plenty of time. it's only june, after all.   beautiful souls surround me
The idea rocketed around my head with determination Fireworks spitting flames into my imagination Join dance Join dance Join dance It bounced into my ta-ta-tapping toes and my beat-beating heart
Rowing the little boat over the roaring tides and underneath the thundering clouds, I hold onto the life I had lived before. The load got heavier, the rain fell harder and the waves crashed with more anger. I surveyed the black water, looking for
Tick, Tock Went the clock. Shuffle, squeak Went the sneaks. Papers cover the floor, Just as often as Someone slams a door. The bell is almost near, Oh why can’t it be next year? 
This year has passed just like all the others It's last moments a whisper, before it joined it's brothers On his deathbed, I spoke to my old friend While we both knew that he would never mend  
Ive been through so much in 2016. When it first started everything seemed fine until, May. After May, I seen my whole world start to fade.  Constant thoughts of dying, constant fights and arguing. All I wanted was escape
"You're hardworking, cute and a great person." He said to me smiling His words moved me so much I was to the point of tears. I ponder about my past of middle school and the hell I went through.
Expectations are now at thier highest peak.Senior year and I'm still a freak.I'm sorry.I apologize. Please turn away, don't watch me cry. I will never be what you want of me. I'm so sorry.
I wake up to the smell of success Eggs and Bacon sizzling on the stove A commute compose of five stops Avoid the tardy bell If not, detections on Saturday Nine hours of school, be equip with a snack
 'Seize the day' they say, or else you'll fade away. This is the final age, before we take the stage.   The golden age of seventeen, we dance in childhood's final scene,
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. True. Those are the lyrics to a song, but let’s be real here for a moment. You know you need me, just flat out admit it.
I'm falling hard, but it's my time to go.  Be who I'm destined to be they say, but what do they really know.   Senior Year.    I've had enough of this crap, I'm done. 
It's mid-February now, and soon I'll be waring the Ides of March.Then it's April showers,and waiting with bated breath for May flowers.  
It's nearing the end 'So long for a while' I say I'm graduating
Senior Year 17 and 18 year old punk kids Who used to be prodigies, geniuses, beyond their years We were told we were so smart
I am putting my summer clothes away And replacing them with my nice new school clothes. I put away my sunscreen And take out my school supplies. Tommorow is the day that I begin school.
It's senior year, the best time of our lives It doesn't get better than this You'll always remember this year It's amazing how we grow as a family After our friend committed suicide
On the first class meeting of my freshman year, I was told that when you leave highschool you are two numbers. SAT: GPA: keep up your grades, stay out of trouble, get involved.  
The 12th year of high school,
Written by Oscar Benn III and Connie Martinez  
  The gloves pinch my skin in the best places The tips of my fingers Almost covered With enough space for a secret to slip through While I try not to breathe Blow away this evidence
There is a secret to the monsters You see They crash and burn When it is that you succeed   Strive for happiness Strive for love  Strive for God
There comes a time in your life  When you stop checking Behind shower curtains and under beds Because you feel as if you would be better off If the monster got you anyway
Freedom is a full tank of gas, the wind in your hair, the date on the calendar. It tastes like the sun that comes and melts the snow away, and smells like the fair that comes to town, bringing elephant ears.
Public school wasn't always the best for me.
My dream is to be a animator  Not just any digital design animator  No, That is to wide of a goal I am for smaller more difficult Disney animator  That is what I want to be 
The world is laid before us, Awaiting our command School is slow receding and The earth is in our hand They say I can do any Thing that I desire I could save the dying Or save a babe from fire
STRESSED. Senior year. The year we have all been waiting for. The year we were all eager to start.
I try and I try, 
The school bell rings, I'm late for class at this rate, I'll never pass. College essays, school ones too, every day, a new one's due. What will I do? I do not know. A real good college, I must go.
Write they tell us, Show us who you are. Give us your soul in a story they say I’ll grade it and judge all your scars.   Thousands of students with their
Mean what you say, say what you mean. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. This poison that tumbles from your lips Can destroy a reputation, Can destroy confidence, Can destroy a soul.
Senior Year, Oh how I cheer!
What do you want from me? Am I not good enough? Am I a dissapointment? A mess that needs to be cleaned up?
Senior year bites. For it is too stressful, Slightly dull, With many sleepless nights. Stress can cause fights, Pain of the skull, Loads of bull, And ripped tights.
Can you believe it's really here?It's October of our senior year. Our class is closer, closer than ever.Why can't this year just last forever?
The beginning of the end of our childhood. The first semester of the last year. So many endings. like reading the last book of a series after each chapter, wanting to reread it so the story never ends.
For what reasonwould I ever want to come back here?There is sickening staleness in the air,winter breeze coming from the heat ductsand no one is friendly,including you, Mr. Authority.My discipline report
My dearest teacher, your class is so boring Even my foot is now snoring Obviously you dont how to have fun Sitting in our desk all day, come on we're still young When im in your class im always tired
Oh Senior English class You bore me with Shakespeare’s Hamlet You pick out the guy who reads like a snail race To read Hamlet’s third soliloquy
Man school's a drag Let's all go take nap, Pick up those pencils and pens It's time to go learn in my class. Teachers expect to much of us kids We just want to hangout and shoot the shit,
Twelve years Twelve long years we have been here Locked away Locked away in this place you call school We’ve paid our dues and are ready for more We’ve learned what you can offer
This is too much work. My mind is overloaded. The stress makes me cry.
Yeah, I appreciate what you do. Thank you for spending a little extra time looking over my essay with me after school. I know its a long ride home for you and I know you don't get paid for the overtime.
I never thought I‟d be the one, it always seemed so far away. It‟s unbelievable how far I have come, but “senior” was never a word I could say.  College, work-based learning, it‟s stressful.I have to get my life figured out.It‟s a crashing reality
We're all worried about college, but there are many things we don't acknowledge like leaving all our friends to go transcend   All we think about are applications and going on summer vaction
All year long I don't even know when I 'm strong Why do I have to wait You're the right fate Shadows you can see through Sunlight clouds Darkness falls Fall leaves Spring flowers
Senior year is finally here, I don’t know if I should cry or cheer. Constantly fighting with my mom, we both know I’ll soon be gone. Stressing out about tuitions, hoping college will bring fruition.
2013 My graduation year the end has never seemed so near leaving friends and my home in the past but i promise i wont forget the tough times staying up late to finish homeowrk
i remember a silly bear a handsome fox and Marion fair oodelolly oodle oh, golly, what a day
I fumble about the halls for the last first day Watching all the underclassmen, scurry on their way I sit through the last first day, of free school Thinking, over … the summer, I should have made a visit to the pool
I'll tell you about my senior year, It was a great, adventurous time, It's hard to recall without shedding a tear, But above al, else, this year has been sublime.
The days tick by and seconds feel like hours They sit in class all day to "Grow like flowers" Our teachers continue to lecture in class They sit in their seats, daydreaming for time to pass
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