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Dear future self: I am you from the past. That's an odd thought; Right now, as I write this, I am in my prime.  I am the best I have ever been But I am only a version of you.
Change Change is everlasting, Always flowing like time, Never once the same, Never standing still.  
I had a dream once that turned to nightmares   right after seeing it with clarity  
patience is a virtue in braver hands than I, like a storm made whole of eyes ‘tis a joke played by minds none too wise.   where does confidence linger?
patience is a virtue in braver hands than I, like a storm made whole of eyes ‘tis a joke played by minds none too wise.   where does confidence linger?
Dear former self,   I’m writing you from the other side of that place  Where the two rivers meet You haven’t seen it with your earthly eyes But have with your soul You haven’t a memory of it
I was planted among thorns Sharp and merciless, picking flesh from my body I could not walk or scream or sing So I stayed among the thorns
The sentence of an almost adultFor the crime of surviving this longNot livingEyes closed, shut tightThe only thing that had my name on it before now were
Everything is different but yet the same. Some things are clearer, but others are blurred out dots in my brain. My screams become bubbles floating up to meet the clouds
  1 year 12 months 366 days Every path was altered Every fiber of skin was touched differently
You could stay 2016 was dynamic It started with some havoc Making everything a little erratic My mistakes put everyone into a panic   I had reached a point of no return 
It would be outrageous for me to say anything has shaped me this year more intensely Than my own grand failures caused by my need for outside approval.   A year ago, I wouldn’t have been willing to admit that.
I sit in my castle, Watching. Waiting. Time is a precious thing, especially When measured by the falling of rose petals.   Rain patters on my patio, How I wish it would wash away
with honor, i wear all my scars
Summer has gone, the leaves have turned, and the world spins closer to darkness. The money is gone, the family has split, and the midnight sky is starless. The house is gone, the nights are long, my soul is lost and broken.
  I hurt and I ache but they will never know, I'm not the same as I was three years ago.   My old self is knocking, trying to escape--
One thing I would change poem   One thing I would change Though many to choose from Won't character be most important? From mean to nice From indifference to caring
I’m not afraid to be myself Because I know that anyone, but me doesn’t feel right I have found my previously hibernating courage Now my confidence shows
Today is my day The day i stand up and take it back I take my doubt, worries, fears, and confusion Today is mine, seize or be seized So I'll jump to the music of mixtapes
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