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Unwanted "love"... Sent NOT from above. My soul craves it not... Once on its lap I did rot. Now I can see its face... Before I see disgrace... For as long as the illusion vies... 
tremendous and snarling the glinting of teeth who once called you darling now comes from beneath the twisted endeavors of a lover turned sour like a fistful of feathers
A woman scorned Roseline Ameyaw     Rejected in love she waits Screaming at the top of her lungs Her tears flow down her rosy cheeks
I long to wrap my aching arms around you, I can still taste the melted vanilla lipgloss you so carefully applied to my trembling lips You kissed me reverantly like I was a prayer you dared not speak aloud,
"The best of us fall sometimes The strongest lose their minds  The warriors break through binds Guided like we wear blinds But the chaos is in our minds We change but not in time
We laugh at the freaks and the geeks Because that’s just the way it is Like smoke blown in our faces and a voice saying “That’s show biz” We fear what we don’t know
Feeling alive,
They scorned the sunlight is what I was told. They asked for shadow Over gold. But the sun could not help But To shine. So they would run, and they would lock themselves inside.
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