Scholarship slam poem

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Today Today I started up the set of thirteen stairs it takes to get to my room, But I was too weak so I stopped at the sixth step, Sat down, And caught my breath how many days, had it been?   Today
Sometimes I hate my generation. Each of us a carbon copy of the next. iPhone, designer jackets, caffeinated beverage in hand. I hate how we are so absorbed in social media that we let ourselves get lost for hours
Find a greater inspiration than this: That which Plato says is divine, a kiss. A kiss, which may contain heavenly love, Is the thing I do most often miss.
Countless times you've been there for me You held me at my highest You rescued me from blind misery Your love so perfect and unbiased
After weeks of preparation, finally planned perfection Invincibility was overwhelming, irrational though it was The plan Escape. The destination Anywhere but here.
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Learn from your mistakes and your victories. Nevertheless, being focused about the yesterdays will never grant you beautiful tomorrows.
Do you know how it makes me feel when you call me worthless? Do you know how hypocritical it is when you say that it is wrong to judge people then you turn around and judge me? Do you know
It is like the wind whipping around on a cold winter day. It surrounds me. It is like a helping hand during a time of great emotion. It empowers me.
A person worth a thousand words A soul so clean and pure A smile pulls one forever towards His laughter the best cure
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