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How far we've come Through hardships and struggle Never knowing if tomorrow will ever come We have been to hades and back in our own private lives  praying for better days and working hard to see them
Behold! The gentle touch of dying breath is now upon the gods! That said, their many heads ensure at least one still lives on prolong'd. With recourse yet no further will they stay, but they, against the odds,
Everyone is different, thats why we are all here.. We make up this wild world we all hate and love. But our likes and dislikes are what's craziness. Some of us like writing and some of us like drawing.
That rush you dread as life crashes towards you, Barreling through with unspoken emotions. Guilt, remorse, and weariness threads a shadow, A fifty-foot tower right over you.  
Well, well, well. We can't live without. Though, sometimes you're clear. Sometimes you're not.  Sometimes you're cold. Sometimes you're hot. Simply, nearly one billiion need you.
Silver lines trace down a foggy pane; Sliding, slipping through their descent. A cold night glare streams through, Showering the window with light Stunning images like dreams stand shimmering on a wall
There's so much stress The last forty days of school With all of the reports and papers Books and projects Filling out papers Application after application All asking the same questions
~i waited patiently… as if my turn was next i was just as naive as you thinking that you were the best you watched him cheat but you forgot about the rest forgave him time after time
Slam what you will, Slam what you may, but you must always seize the day.
Too many decisions. What decisions are going to make my life right? Thats all i am thinking about on this sleepless night. Sometimes i want to give up. Why cant life be simple? This stress makes me tremble.
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