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Perhaps the great chasm between who he is and where he's going is an issue best left to his peripheral... All to maintain the pedistel in it's upright highly regarded position and sacred representation of pure intent to love.
At 12 Oclock the day was darkly dark, the seafloor lifted itself in a loud cry, suddenly, a star fell like strings of light on a man.
Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre brave Haïti Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre incroyable Pays
Like a beautiful sunsets into a storm, its still in this place I feel most warm Though it doesnt seem real cause its a figure of speech, I know that it is cause that kiss is cold on my cheek
Left, right, under, and pull We tighten our knots woven with steel fibers Around our bosoms As to defy the wayward cyclopes from intruding And to protect our childing innards
At varying moments throughout one’s life, 
The strength in Mama's hands as she bakes The strength in Daddy's mind as he takes a risk for the family. The crease in Grandma's brow as she knows The crease in baby's face as he grows to learn about family.
Let our hearts be strong, Let our minds be strong, Let our souls be strong; As strong as our leaders, As our people, Who sacrificed themselves for us Who sacrificed themselves for future,
I have a lot of things I want to complain to you. But how would I do that when my shoulder is where you seek to lean on when you cry? I am confused However, I pray God saves you and I
My mind is a battlefield It has trouble distinguishing danger from safety It makes rain on a tin roof sound like gun fire Makes fireworks on the Fourth of July into an air raid
Sometimes it helps to pause a sec  To bow my head and genuflect  To slow my breath and just reflect On the sins of mortal men   Sometimes I laugh until I cry We’re doomed to cry until we die
I was nine When I found out my father  Was deploying to Iraq Anger Confusion Fear  Clouded my mind
Isaac, my siblings, and some other random kids are running in a field. We’re supposed to be playing tag, these kids and I, but my siblings know I don’t run and don’t expect me to.  
You, my dear, are a bomb You have reduced me to sheer atoms With the force of your eloquent words Stronger than any weapon that the hands of man have produced
If you want to be happy You must not be so fuzzy and have a smiley   Your spirit must be highly See your enemy like ugly and they may be rashly   You must sacrifice for your lovely
Dear Roxanne, Squeals of joy, moans of pleasure, silence of sorrow; Hot chocolates, scrambled eggs, sticky ice-cream cones; Pillow fights, impassioned dance, heated arguments;
A flag draped coffin on a stifling day With somber taps that seem to say A grateful nation, as your dead we lay Into this earth, in a special way - Salutes your service, and the life you gave
Take a road on the jet-black highway, You are about to embark on a new adventure, The scorching sun hits the surface as the heat waves rise, The eagles fly high above the flower-decorated cacti,
It was just the fall of October when the skies were still sleepy The sun had pulled its blankets, yet the naked trees looked creepy Amongst the golden rays lies a mysterious yet recognizable shadow
When I was 3 years old You didn’t tell me to stop running my fingers along the brick fences. Each just a graze along the borders of fancy houses, houses bigger than ours,
My father, my father, how much you mean to me, You’ve taught me how to be mature, and good as I can be, You help me up when I fall down, and tell me I can do it,
It's Saturday I wake up  Mom knows Breakfast shows up at 8   It's Saturday Dad's gone  Off to work Won't be back till late   Next morning On a trip
A gruesome and brutal beast is faced, Knees in the dirt and knuckles in the sand, When reality’s slitted eyes are bared to us, Raping, scraping, gaping into our soul,
I died nine times to spare the others, I could spare nine lives to save my own. Perspective is a selfish heathen, human decency can't stand alone. We do not care about another. We only care about ourselves. We do good deeds to make us happy.
Chrysanthemum, you Will be a garden most beautiful I am your water, your earth Suck me dry Take from me everything I can give Your many dead petals, let them fall Shed the things that make you withered
Born into laborRoots buried deepAn outlined life etched into stoneHis arms are strong enough   A wifeA homeA child’s plea for a better lifeHis will is solid enough  
His words are golden. He speaks with purpose, Encouraging and challenging me in one breath. He gives me the words of affirmation my being thrives on. When I burn out, his words bring light.
I hate you. The thought of you makes me insane. The way you manipulate when you look at me with eyelids heavy and lips curled.
TestingOne two She is quietAerated by little white pillsWe all need to make it One last legA+ B+ C+ We’ll find our wayBlessed by scholarsDo you hear her now ScratchScratch She bubbles in her wa
Flashback to the day when we first met It is surely one i’ll never forget From the spot where you sat, under the great oak tree, To welcoming smile you gave to me.  
I will sacrifice, I will support and respect; Because I love you.
My limber limbs had once walked and ran Obedient to my every command I was your muse, your lover, and your cause Life was oh so sweetly buried and lost In endless kisses poured out on us
I know you hate doing dishes so I’ll wash them just for you I know you hate doing laundry
I asked my mama, Why must we go? She held my small hand and gave it a meek squeeze. "For however long the nights are still cold, and our empty stomachs continue falling asleep, we won't exist anymore.
Because I love you   We wake up to rain smacking the window. I look at you and you at me. In your eyes I find it, Sanctuary.
You feasted on the bear, the bird, the boar; I was the one who brought them to your door.   Are princesses so blind to who supplies The panther’s pelts where you so often lie?
      I dreamt of the day that I could see colors. To grasp the sublimity of color schemes,  To teleport into the colors of dreams
Loved and praised  By innate wisdom and passion Yet loathed by skeptics. The lust - to behead his spirit, shatter the bones
Maturity, persistance, and forgiveness, have played major roles, of conquering the challenges of life, soo the story unfolds. A junior in high school trying to find my way,
The coos of love please me The Turtle Doves all lined in a row Hoping that I will show a sign of love that they so greed. But I look past their lies  for when I do each one flies.
You see me in the smoke Circling your chimney,  Ever-present yet peripheral.    If only you knew... Even fire can't keep you warm.    You feel the embers of a flame
I lie in distant planes of a lost timeAnd my groans and sighs echo against the stones at my feet.For two waxen demons sit on my shoulderssAnd have grown too heavy for my frame.A wing made of wax cannot be folded;Neither can it bear the weight of I
His body was a battlefield With an unconquerable soul Made of fire that burned With the same embers that fueled The flames in his eyes. His mind were the attackers Whose wicked deceptions
For all my favorite Roses Born into tragedy;   she is celebrated, adored, nurtured, envied, blessed -   she is beaten, sacrificed, scrutinized, enslaved, damned - 
This day in particular  Was really quite gray The guy next to me sighed Hey, you okay?   I replied that I was fine I gesured him to go away  Yet, he wiped the tears from my eyes 
"I'm melting in your gentle arms This is the sweetest form of harm. Please hold me closer; your light is soothing I'm lost in space, although not moving And when I die, don't let me go
I knew I had it bad, when they asked what I would need if I was stranded on a island, and the first thing I thought of, was your blue eyes instead of water. Isn't that sad?  
Love is doing something for someone and expecting nothing in return. Love is letting someone go even though you know they won’t come back. Love is realizing that your actions are in vain. Love is Sacrifice.
Sacrifice, the action of aspiration It is the burning of a lamb. Chemicals in a black girl's hair. Makeup on a white girl's skin. It is the humbling surplus of the unrequired.
"Stop with the lies And the hate And the hurt Filled with their cries Cause we treat them  Like dirt A small child shies At a hand  Raised to hurt This word is not mine
"A fall from heights A stray dog bite's A single light A slave girl's right's  None of these matter  If there's no happy ever after But these thing we are And these things we were 
"The last stand was made here Where life drained the hills The last stand was made here Where many were killed The last stand was the last Though he did not stand  He was hung on a cross
Every move Every change Every breath Every whispered word   Every kiss Every touch Every feeling Every loving heart   Every goodbye Every tear  Every hope
And I don't want to be another victim to your vices committed to humanity  making sacrifices  reacting to such selfish ways a mirage of what real life is manipulating chemicals  playing with mad science
Open your eyes Can’t you see This world’s lies Are not the reality   This world is broken It hurts us all When we look at the fallen And hear a freedoms call  
You linger in the form of bruises..Marking a roadmap on my body of all your favorite places. A constant reminder of the fire I wish I could deny but always give into. Sentencing me to a death made for insects: as I become the moth drawn to your fl
Tombs, tombs, thousands of tombs - As far as the eye can see. The blood of patriots spilled - To water Freedom's sacred tree.   How brave they were, O God indeed, To fight and die for me.
I'm Abraham and God ordered me to kill my son.I didn't want to do it but I had to do what God ordered to be done.I was about to stab Isaac but God said to spare him, he didn't really want him dead.
Throw away those super hero t-shirts and draws, Take a look at these women in their bras. Trade in those sketchers, And let's get you some J's, Cut that ponytail off And get a fade.
All that glitters is not gold, So how dare you be so bold, To say that the best things in life are free? Well, no one is free from impunity. You only have the freedom of speech,
It started with a small cross on their backs. They lived, and loved, only wanting the best for each other. As time went on, their crosses grew; and then came the moment where their crosses were united.
He is risen
Cast not these doubts aside as you revel unto glory
And so the time has come as it has before,
I am quiet and quite emotional, many used to say I was really antisocial. I have limped, kicked and crawled from the at school threats, nobody knows my darkest secrets.  
For better never worst, Whatever to see a new year. Maybe another hurst.   Children always come first. Facing your biggest fears. For better never worst.   Dinner followed by dessert
It’s not as if I've never been here before   It's right there in that chair that you realize tears are imminent
I have a secret. It’s really big. So big, that I don’t think you would believe me. It starts with a heart and pain and loss; And big round eyes and eyes of glass. Believing doesn’t matter, because it’s a secret
Love living life off the edge.
When I was youngI would sit silently in my seatAwait my turn to speak whether it was given to me or notAnd more often than notI said nothing
Sun burns self to give us light, nevertheless, it is strong. Signifies, sacrifice doesn't weaken but makes us strong. © Sadashivan Nair. All rights reserved
    When people ask,
  Balled od a Cowboy
Warmth seeps through my body as I climb up the steep surface of the mountain. Ropes around my hands and paints on my face,
I used to think it was beautiful To sacrifice yourself For someone you love Until someone I loved Sacrificed himself For me
Why do you scream
Let me go. Let me go into the void that is Insanity. Let me go. Throw me beyond the light that is The darkest of dark nights. Let me go. Release me to the claws awaiting
I woke up today,
First Both of our hearts shattered Yours in a firework, mine in a void As we bent to gather your pieces I could feel mine crumbling   Then I tried to bind your heart together
I haven't met you. I haven't seen you.
Im gonna smile and Im not gonna cry
Lord I forgot What it is to be hated I forgot why the crowd's ever swaying Against us. We Your body Made up of broken battered people Crowd under dirty crooked steeples. No wonder they hate us.
I see the colors red, white, and blue lying on the ground, And a dozen dead bodies lying all around. I look at the flag, the last thing I might see, And after God, most important to me.
is it sad that tonight as i prayed i asked god  that if someone was to die tonight...  if someone who doesn't deserve to die... someone who is loved and is pure of heart
When he was a small boy, He dreamped of being a hero of war, On the battle field to save every one, In the hot desert sun,   So little Johny pick up that old b-b gun, Mama look at that squirl run,
wait but
The light grows dim; Darkness surrounds me. I gasp for breath. This desperate feeling overwhelms me.
Patience is an elemental virtue,   Even as minds are writhing, Mingling and beating together, In a flawlessly mortal cadence,   Our bodies are entwined in a disconcerting dance,
Her beauty is snow storms, tucked away, Tiny freezing snowflakes bottled in my fingers.   It comforts me, and breaks my fall, And its sparks set my heart alight.   This girl is unique in perfection,
I am hearing my name, faintly. The crying, the yelling, getting clearer. I am coming to, realizing what has happened. Glass, all over, windshield shattered. I glance over to Em, mouth moving
  Change my life make me a professor Who do I pray to? Who do I call on?  My life will never be the same  Don’t Let Athena see my sorrow Don’t Let Zeus hear my pain
I can be what I want to be Through my volition I will cut off these arms And in their place will be the real me A pair of wings To be free To go further than I ever have before
They say that between love and hate there is only ONE step. Every time I heard this I would laugh and think how is this possible?
Have you ever stopped to see How all of our lives might be Without those who died for the red, white, and blue Sacrificing their lives for me and you Do you even give one thought
She’ll never
Imparied by undying determination, Open-minded to such risk-taking Because conformity is no longer my path For I am a nomad striding only new territories. They say I need structure, That I must obey,
Here is my shoulder, on which to cry when days get colder. I offer my chest, lay down your weary head and rest. My arms are open wide, they will give you somewhere to hide. With feet on the ground,
Your heart beats in me Thumping, thumping You kick with your feet Thumping, thumping Drummer girl you dance Along in my womb You prance and dance To Lullaby's sung to you
These troubled souls torment me They scream against injustice But they don’t know how to see And I don’t know how to leave   It destroys me to hear their cry Who am I to say nothing?
Insidious dreams on the Eden of man A generation held in a pharmacist’s hand The crow is the devil and the devil rides thee Cigarettes are sold at the children’s tree    Now thee shall know the human touch 
  When the blood of kings is shed and the world grows silent, waiting then a single spark of dread breaks the silence of the fighting   When the blood of kings is shed
It’s kinda funny sometimes When I’m chatting online with my friends Ranting about the immigrant child life Trying to make my case to those who don’t understand   Funny because all my messages Come out
What will it take for you to believe in me in We, in Us, in Trust, for it is a must for the creation of Us to survive and thrive to not fall but to dive into a sea
  I When He breathed into her the breathe of life, Did first their lives then intertwine. But then she believed the (Serpent’s) lies,
a little over a second, a minute over an hour ago, They called us, a little over day, a week over a month ago, They called us, a little over a year, decades over centuries ago, They called us the future
Heroes that sacrificed their lives; forgotten. Families that went on without husbands, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins and friends. The courage it took to save us no longer matters to many.
Denial of the selfish cares I crave depends on selfless love to truly serve; surrender idle days I richly save, to give to Christ all glory He deserves.
The flesh surges under my skin Demanding I be someone other Demanding I seek my own pleasure Bow to the whim of father or brother But certainly I've done everything I knew how to do.
As long as a need exists, I will write; The innocent must have voice, I will fight. For babies in the womb, They must see light. For a beaten woman, They must not fear the night.
As I slowly count the clouds float across the lifeless clear blue sky I see the distress grow in her eyes. It consumes all the she sees. Everything she had vanished Gone, in a heartbeat.
I am from surrender From obeying every order A tarnished childhood That ended much too soon
Giving up a part of herself for the happiness of others. She knows right. Her hands show the path of her hard work. She believes in honor and in the theology of caring.
Mercy I’m lost in the midst of this storm Can some body come save me from what I’ve become I’m lost at sea, shipwrecked upon this lonely isle
Will. It bends It creaks It pleads not to break. You work You struggle You move. Will. Can’t see it Can’t touch it Can’t smell it. You breath You laugh You shiver. Will.
As exposed to the perils of the world Thus, we begin our journey. I love this part of the journey: Of nodded heads and friendly shoulder pats Of friends met by dawn And normally a friend ill-met by moonlight
Now Hollywood wants to make you think they know what love is. But I'm a tell you what true love is. Love is not what you see in the movies. Its not the ecstasy, its not what you see in that scene
All I can think is I don’t want to go there I don’t want to go there I’ve always refused to go there Tour there Talk about there Other than the dropping of a name or two
Accept and suffer unflinchingly, every hardship presented at hand. Aim to avoid empty, vain, and idle talk, it only leads more into ungodliness. Whats presented before you is patience, it's unwavering compassion
Man Lord, can you completely take control of my mind. I'm tired of wiriness, jealousy, and being filled with strife. Your presence is at every turn but I continue to slide.
Faith is my way of life the only reality I'm livin It's not a front for the world, I'm not just simply pretendin So you can spread your lies and your doubts, but you won't be catching me slippin
“One step at a time,” she says to me. “Just a few more steps and you’ll be free.” As she speaks we draw closer to the roaring sea, and I wonder what this woman could want me to see.
The King is just, and justly He decrees, To quell all offense and weigh every deed, His righteous demands not one of us met. Alas, under His rage I dwell in threat, Of utter destruction; Hell opens wide,
Trapped in darkness. Forever it seems. An eternity I wait, until a slither of light navigated into my prison. FREEDOM! I CAN GET FREE! not quite...
(poems go here) The lovely, mild, sun-swept air Exhales a warm, sweet breeze. Slim branches clothed in frothy green Sway gently on the trees.
The pens will drop When the sun darkens In the hearts of the twisted of the broken and ravenous The doors will crack When the fist pounds On the hearts of the sick Of the wounded and tired
(Thank you thank you for your sacrifice I appreciate everything you did in your life From the Kings to the X's and the Parks of the rose Yes Mr. Martin I hope you marching While Malcom starts up the show
Oh senses For sensation brings desensitization And one man's trash, today, is the same man's treasure of yesterday. Unless, one learns moderation Learns to say "this is enough for now."
Words are hard to find, When you are overwhelmed with emotion. It seems so hard to process A soldier’s love and devotion. Fighting for our country without a second thought. Their families left behind,
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