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I hate that I am allowing myself to get excited, Because the whole time I have been telling myself to go into this light hearted. But I have realized that I have not learned how to keep myself out of this mess,
You seem different, and it feels like you feel the same way that I do, But I have seen this before, where I felt that those delusions in my head were true. I am scared that once again, I will be the only one to fall,
And just like that, three months have gone by, And I didn’t think it would be this hard to say goodbye. But there is not a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about you,
It is not fair That you make me despair   Did you ever realize How much I visualize   But all in vain As you will not see my pain   And why don't you talk
Four years since the day that I have found out your name, Four years since I have never been the same. Four years since the first time I saw that smile,
The day that I never thought would come is finally here, And now I am able to see things nice and clear. That you were nothing special from the start,
This whole time I kept wondering why God did this to me, Why would he bring someone so amazing into my life, if he knew we were never going to be?
I am starting to realize that you know you were wrong, Because I was giving you what you wanted all along. You know that she will never treat you better than me,
I read the post and I immediately thought of you, And I know that that is something that I shouldn’t do. But when I read it, my brain began to wonder if it was just a coincidence,
Two weeks to the day was when things ended between you and I, And I no longer feel the need to sit here and ask myself why. Why I wasn’t good enough for you, and why I couldn’t be what you wanted,
I thought I wasn't going to show it to you, but I did, And now you know how I have felt about you since you were a kid. After all of this time, maybe now you can finally see,
One minute I hate you and I say that we are through. The next minute you smile and do that thing that you do. That makes me losy my mind every single time, And I am constantly reminded of how bad I want you to be mine. 
It's funny how life decides to teach you lessons in the hardest way, And that most of the time, you don't know what else you can do, think, or say. For the first time in a long time, I am finally starting to feel like me again,
Taking it day by day is all that I can do, Because no matter how hard I try, all I think about is you. One day I am fine, and the next day I am falling apart,
I am broken in pieces, sitting behind my bedroom door, Trying to get myself to pick up the peices of my heart that are scattered all over the floor. You broke me in ways that I will never be able to understand,
I am tired of listening to everyone around me telling me that I am wrong for still believing, Because they are so used to giving up on love and having everyone close to them suddenly leaving.
Hindi maipagtanto na ganto na pala ang tingin ko sayo.
Do you ever get scared of not knowing what you are capable of? And this can be in every aspcect in your life; whether it be work, school, goals, or even love?
"How did your baseball game?," was the innocent question that I asked that started it all. When I asked you that, I never in a million years thought that I would continue to fall.
There is nothing more confusing about trying to figure out what is going on with love, And that it is not always written out in black and white when push comes to shove.
It always seems as if things come to you when you aren't looking for anything to occur, And when things get hard, it can be very easy to keep longing for the way that they once were.
Lately it seems like I am constantly going through the same battle in my mind, And it all comes down to whether or not I need to let you go, or hold on and still believing that one day you will be mine.
For the first time that I can recall, this is theI knew deep down in my heart that the decision that I was making was the right one, Even though everyone was telling me that there was no hope and that I needed to be done.
Walking with my heart on my sleeve Wondering is there anyone for me These voices screaming in my head “you’re ugly, you don’t deserve any love or affection”   Voices made me believe it is true  
February born makes them one of a kind They’re bold, fearless and extremely truthful Often telling unpleasant truth on face than a lie They’ve great ideas, and think outside the box
I want to be your blunt I want you to roll me up Place your mouth Soft lips on my paper Use your tongue to keep me together Let me feel you
This woman in my life Has Captured My Heart From the Ways She Presents herself throughout The Fine Population in the morning Gaze she is the center of all to look upto This Angel Knows No Malice To bring upon other Thus this Beautiful angel, Cast
it took him by surprise loving her was unlike any hollyood film or book he had read there was no fire in his belly when he saw her across the bar he didn't feel the urge to take her home and rip off her sweater
When you reach for my hand, I squeeze hardNot even my words can measure our loveBut even so, I shall still try my bestYou fill my body with exultation
F a r a w a y   m o o nas a young childI could see your smiletaste your cheesesee your old mantouch you with my finger.
I. My mind is a juggernaut of dirt and steel.     My hands on your body, the arbiter of all that is real.     With tears that fall like the spider crawls,
1. Today, I’m going to build a sky, pink and purple and flayed with the wretched stains of existence.     For this dawn burns my eyes with the temporal nature of living.  
1. Poetry Grafted Onto Starlit Bodies   Focused moments,hot breath tickling receptive ears.  
1.Humbled intoa simple speck of star,   basking in the glowof a girl with a galaxy wide smile,  
1.Exquisite exhalationssmash viciously against uslike wave after wave of ravenous,jailbreaking, thunderhearted Tsunamis  
I blame the stars For the first kiss you stole form me When your lip brushed against mine The birds were singing all night   Every moment with you fells like I'm living in a movie
Light warms you in winter, And in summer it makes you say no more. It snares you by its polish. Scarcely sometimes welcoming, But mostly sham and dull.   I asked it, "What so special?
if we want to talk about being hard to love that definition begins with me anxiety  insecurity paranoia chewing me up, throwing me out
You annihilate me, And what else I would like to say.   They say, "I ain't behold Anyone, other than you". As they don't know, that I see my reflection in you, I see myself in you.  
it's the sound of rain out her window late may it's the way the sun danced off her eyes on the train it's how we laid there under the trees reading
I am consumed by her. I am consumed by all of her being.
Perhaps she lives In our dreams alone, She whose face is Illumined By the rays Of the sun, While the dansette plays Some romantic melody, O how I love The one
Costa Calida sun,I hope we’re reunited,Though I can’t say when,I may see you again,   Costa Calida sunMeans memories romantic,Of when that I was young,Memories of Spain.
Yes, there was a time I was obsessed by melancholy, I saw deep sadness, The quality that so tormented My former favoured idols, Poets, painters, Musicians, actors, Creators of every kind,
The best storybooks wrap us in perfection, letters curling around a flowery narrative. The best fairy tales are littered with bubblegum Godmothers and sun-kissed martyrs.
His long slender hands, Pressed on the keys, As he played that beautiful brass saxophone, The melodious music dancing into my heart.
My feeling for you is the elation you feel when you see a shooting star, And your heart climbs into your throat with exhilaration.
Accross the pond You waved at me The night was young The dance floor was heating up   We sat by the pond Judging those dancing by the stage Those shaking their bodies away
summer fireworks of my heart makes me wonder challenging romantic running wild coloring outside the line brings new sensation smooth electricity up your spine  
If I could find a soft spot a special place that haunts my dreams I could fly without net without strings with you without you   If I could take a new allure
I will make love with the Ocean in front of your eyes on the edge of the fine line with my mind open and eyes closed   wet sand in my hair the sense of sea fizz
some erotic escape I need with your face with the cosmos to my aid with a Fire and wild desire romantic play and zany runway the thunder of the heart beating fast
Invisible wounds from past Haunt me through the night In a secret cave of pain I still feel the fire Of our last slow dance   Swimming in circles In the endless feeling Of my false dreams
run away from you from my dreams from my fears   from the pain you might hide deep down in your heart   run away from smile and sparkle in your eyes  
Angel's Song   There is no path to Heaven South of No North And San Fran Is just a Red Iron Bridge Between dreams and gold There is no way to Hell
  Wet fuzzy socks in my shoe Squish every time I walk Around the block with you   Warm winter window smiles From  strangers sharing dinner
I know you don’t understand this, but my heart thinks about you literally every second when I’m not talking with you.  
You were warm. I was cold.  Hard.  And you were warm. Warm like a fleece blanket Softening my insides in cozy embrace.   You were sweet Like you knew me before you ever had to ask
Your steady warm breath Against my neck. Your body wrapped around mine As if your first instinct is to protect.   You hold my hands in a warm embrace With the conviction that you will never let go.
Liar, liar you broke my heart first you set my flesh afire I gasped as you let go of my hand and watched me burn liar, liar why would you do this?
Mark my skin Breath it in The air tastes sweet, But the cold still bites at our feet. Wrap me up, Show me love. Reconginize change, Adapt for our variety and range. Hold me tight, 
me you owe it to yourself you owe this to yourself you deserve this you can let yourself have this you can say it to yourself for now, that's enough you don't need to say it to anyone ele
I find joy walking in the rain with you. The wind brings a biting chill And the water droplets sink into my clothes. The sky is a flat, endless gray.
He lets me know my emotions aren’t to be belittled, for they are natural. He tells me I’m I’m foolish to have thought otherwise.
Because I love you There is no night that cools my soul- I only feel the warmth of the stars that match your ebullient gaze Your arms shield me from the virulent world
the skin i wear is dry.  i fear that my knees  have been on the floor  for too long. pleading for my loss  to return.    my mother said,  “mix lime with honey, 
 A subject in a million stories  /The catalyst to a thousand wars /A man and a woman deep in love /But I don't call that love. /Love is not at first sight /Lust is /Love is not a shot through the heart /Desire is /Love is not on and off /Not hot a
You looked me in the eyes Your gaze was so deep, I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I tried so hard to absorb it all, The way your eyelashes curved, and how those small Green circles pried my heart open.
Face to face with my reflection In your toilet bowl again. I love you so much that the thrill Of your skin and your touch makes me ill, And the contents of inside must spill To make room for how much I feel.
Wet hair Bright eyes You say “Because I love you” And I ask “Why do you love me?” You reply
the privilege of touchinganother person’s bodyconnecting skinto skin thisis the gift of aphroditesubtletya grace in touchingfingertip to palmhead to necklips to hand this poetry of silencebridge between solitudeand      something bettermingling of
As tears flow away, My heart begins to pay, One moment, having no say,Getting caught in that everlasting gray as I lay beneath my mental fray,No way shall things make my day causing this heart decay,
Riding on 1 with 39 bikes The sky made lit neon stars bright. The event, uplifting With cool artistry
the term hopeless romantic, serves nothin but a plastic, point of view, that everything and i mean everything, is perfect what chaos could ensue?   sad nights and gender dysphoria
Because I love her, I can see a clear future for myself. Because I love her, I know what steps I need to take To be with her and make sure She doesn't want for anything In life.
As his eyes met hers, once again, memories filled with colorful bliss suddenly awakened,   the past quickly met the present, but only in his mind, and only for a moment  
The song has yet to be sungWhich can harmonize my affectionTo a voiceElegantly enough for you—You who haveRepeatedly untangled my spiritFrom where it lay spilt on the concrete.
Miraculously magical, some people may appear, But no one's near as noteworthy when their smoke and mirrors clear. Everyone has their own kind of magic, and it's obvious in you,
  There was once a chance I didn’t take, She had brunette hair and a pair of brown eyes, She had a slim figure and a contagious smile, And I liked her.
It was you and I against the world, Fighting and saving all our love They said was not meant to be But who are they to tell us Who we love, when we love
It's so strange and almost silly that I noticed little things about him, sometimes things he might not have realized about himself before...  
Is it bad that i wanna adore you and love you? Is it bad that i wanna kiss you and also hold you? Is it bad that i crave you? Is it bad that i wanna save you? From all the good things and bad..
As I sleep... Life continues to happen My chest rises and falls to the rhythm of me breathing Although I sleep... my heart is awake
His locks are thin, too thin, almost as thin as his arms, his slender skeleton, one so fragile I fear I will break him if I hug him too tight.  
and so many things remind me of you always of you, and you, and you i’m reminded of your hands, and the way your neck curves to meet your shoulders the way my shirt hangs off of you like its ten sizes too big
We start with theCrackling record of “Gloomy Sunday”Playing in the backgroundThe melody goes on slowlyBare feet moving carefullyto the romantic sound300 sextillion stars surround us
Sugar-coated cinnamon sticks,Your fingers pluck them from a dusty glass jarOn a honey-baked solstice day. Sun shining bright, bright in my eyes,And in yours,
She smells like sunshine Bittersweet and blindingly bright Specks of dust that dreamily dance in her light fill my lungs   She feels like a stormy night Static shocks from her fingertips
I have had a love affair with the idea of you You are like a tiptoe and then a hurricane Dancing so softly on the edges of my mind
Sweet Amaryllis,my stunningcrimson flower,pierces her hearttime and againwith pridefuldetermination& a glinting,gilded arrow.How many nightshas she waited,a smile playing
Every poem I ever scribbled in a notebook, and every song I ever sang in the shower, was meant for you. every time I woke up with a smile, you were there. in my mind. in my heart.
great people die by making no fuss, ordinary people cry and make out fuss, but let us not make any of the either, No flood of tears too.   Earthquakes bring up destruction, and men calculate deaths,
I'm sorry that I'm so sensitive. I'm sorry that I feel whole when you speak. I'm sorry that I'm relentless. I'm sorry for being weak.
Friends with benefits What's the benefit When I'm falling in love And you're looking down from the cliff
Your lips give juice from the sweetest fruit. Your dick gives pleasure like an unworldly treasure. Your soul is not humdrum; it's much like the sun.
I use to feel like I wasn't enough For anyone to cherish or place above. I use to feel like I wasn't enough Unless it involved emotionally detached touch.  
Sounds of birds and frogs, Howls of owls from some hidden logs,
I feel like a mime, doing eye-catching sign language to someone that is legally blind, but hopelessly I'll continue to look,
Whale you stay forever Cause I Loaf you Beary much You're my significant Otter You've stolen a Pizza my heart Orange you lucky I'm all yours Cause we both know I'm your Butter half and you're mine
A shadow of conches talks to me,
I wish to take her atop a lighthouse,
You were a warmth
Waves flash lightning 
Distanced of the long ubiquitous walk
Distanced I watched
Under shadow of the blissful black
I was told a lot about lust   That I’d taste my lover on my lips As I lay there in my lonely bed at night I said I’d wipe the flavor from my mouth Love is bitter, dry, and trite  
You sit there quietly
The earth is often still and firm and strong
'You' is such a lovely word
A stone is thick, a mountain ever more,
i hate my scars. they are not lovely, they are not bravery.  they dictate my life. they tell me what i can wear, where to go who i can trust, who i can love...
I thought of you today but that's nothing new
Jazz bar Ten to midnight Love Jones furniture Starlit evening with smooth jazz and a cocktail scented air we can both enjoy with our festive drinks. We'll be sitting at the booths
I'm the one who always lie the one who always try to go and get the girl but I'm never that guy I'm always tongue tied half high one time when we were chilling at that party it felt like last night
The first time I knew what love meant
Find you way out
Kal raat chandani thi,  mousam mein nami thi halki si woh barsaat or barf jami thi Per raas na aya azhar woh nazara
One night, I fell ill I grabbed the scissors And swallowed all the pills I cut my chest and held my heart God did not bless My work of art As it beat was still alive A bite so sweet
  I know that wide is the path And I know narrow is the way But now the road is so dark And I just can't shine today This is a road that I don't know But I can't bring myself to say
  You go through guy after guy Each one worse than the last You live your life petrified Try'n to run away from your past But see I'm not like all the others I'll always love you more than him
Trapped way up in a tower Waiting for Prince Charming The number of fakes and pervs  Is really quite alarming As the dragon slays them all down You watch from your towers' glass
We romanticise everything until we lose sight of real emotions buried under words and pretty imagery then we wonder why nothing ever lives up to our expectations.
Could I tell this, my rapid-fire heart, to slow down a beat; I don't think I would,
Slurred words Blurred lines Raw emotion And cold rhymes   Hot desire Left to burn
Sometimes the stars align just right To make a single point of brillaince so intense it leaves   a spot in your vision
I feel. Unspoken words I feel a wrath beyond my state   Whether to a walk with or without I can't let go. I can't do so The dark throughout the void
Your beauty was so hard to hide. I had no chance, yet I still tried. I had to let you know, and I thought I would explode. As I walked to you that day, I prayed you wouldn't run away, not before I could say...  
You can find me where the dust sparkles in the window from the sun's rays You can find me- there   I'll be hiding beside the curtain blending into the wall
Why am I nor happy? I have such a big porch for me alone. I have the life that no one else owns. I have gold that no other holds. Why am I not happy? I have all I want, But something stands.
I want to rip out my heart to get rid of the pain. Im not ready for the next lifetime. Just take this feeling in between my breast away. Make the time go pass. When you're out of my mind.
Wake me upin the middle of the night.Knock on my doortil I turn on the light.Tell me you’ve seensomething out of a dreamin the skytonight.With a nudgeyou’ll persuade me
If I could take away,
I am living but I'm not alive Everynight I let myslef cry I go to sleep hoping to never wake up I am living but I'm not alive  I've gone through things and I wish I died I wake up but I'm still dead
Happy hearts hum,hints hurtle high,harm hasn't hit.
I try but the words don't come For once, I'm rendered speechless
"Why must love feel like a heart attack"?Some may sayCausing our hearts to sputter one final beatThump, thump, shhDifferent types of love lause different types
I am holding a bladeUp to my wrist In the knife all I see is lies upon liesBut then I see youAnd your little blue eyesYou say put the kinfe down AuntieOr I will crySo I put down the kinfe
Dear lord forgive me for I have sinned, a girl has a effected where my thoughts have been taken in. Pretty smile and eyes I could stare at for more than just awhile.
What is a want and need compared to a desire? i want money, need air,but you i desire for you are the one i want to acquire the one i want to see after work when im tired
From the back of my Subaru, I hope to see the sight of Yosemite, Yellowstone, Old Faithful, the RedWood forests, the Grand Canyon, lak
Hollow Ghost of Red Heart             Ominous with frantic rage             Yet vindictive under the Vail             Luminous as starlight nights
Breathing Just Fine             Held under water             Gazing upon him             We fight for a way out             The sea blue runs black            
Valentines day is a day of love an artificial holiday. Overall I had a great Valentines. And sure it sucks seeing all of the "cute" couples being in love
      ​My Home is Your Heart!
Homeless individuals sleep with dreams of what they used to be Now they have moved on leaving the new generation drowning sea to sea No education, no temptation, to get a dream fulfilled
The time has come, my choice is made This life is cruel and humanity has no hope
It is strange that I had never touched a cigarette until I had remembered how the taste would linger in my mouth after I had kissed you?
I try to find myself, but I've been lost for forever. It's like I'm going in a circle so you'd think I'd know better. I'm somewhat lost in a trance,  I can't find myself. Took 34 pills disregarding my own health.
Fear hinders our progress towards better times where we need not be alone, it suffocates lights and welcomes darkness into our mind's own home. Fear grips the souls of men  in a way no human can,
Kiss me nowKeep me closeHug me when you need me most. Say goodbyeSay helloOnly you and I would know. My heart beats
Everyone, everywhere love me, desire me Let me be in all of your wet dreams and fantasy men, women, all alike I need to feel loved and wanted. if I wasn't so careful I would allow
When I first met you, my heart stopped,
Love is an explosion in the sky. Thatsends streaks of color,  Melting down to the horizon Where it meets its reflection. Two, different blues Come together to reveal A harmonious balance,
Barefoot dances on summer nights
I love the way these words sweetly caress my mind at night,   "I love you"   Like a gentle breeze that flips my hair Or the golden rays of sun which warm my soft lips
The way our fingers fit together just tells me We were meant for each other. You are my other half, my missing piece, my lost soul. When we are together, I feel the emotion that some call love.
Each Candle Represents a light of hope.. Each has its time to burn..
When. It was on a cold day like this
A rose, but one, none other rose did I have, A rose, one rose, and this was a wondrous creation, One rose a rose that brightened earth and sky, One rose, my rose, that sweetened my breath and air,
I had yearned for so long I had waited for too long I died inside for too long no love no compaasion no warm embrace not even a tender touch quiet nights desperate mornings
In the silent waves she saw herself, Lost and confused, she cried for help. Through the screams and moans that came tumbling out, The distorted images that filled her with doubt. No longer could she stand alone,
It feels like I been here before I feel familar with this scene these words theses actions I feel like its on everyones minds thoughts lips tounge, its  been in every corner of the  world this feel to familar yet it has no shape, nor organic matte
Where are you going, I can't find you, where are you going,  I just trusted you, Where are you going tonight.    I just wanted you, and I just needed you, I am waiting, I am alone, 
My life is like a bad fairytale. Dragons lurk in every cave, ogres in every shadow. When I get to the place where the castle should be, what do I see? The evasive palace has escaped me.
 I want to love you for forever and a day. Til the sun comes down, and its time to lay. Til, the wind blows and the seas roar. I wanna be with you, but dont forget theres one more.
My blood ran cold as he looks at me,i shiver as his breeze past me, i look apon his face and i worry... why is this i wonder?
Hey Mr. Principal, Hey Mr. Smith, I hope you sit comfortably – On your plush office plinth, With all your private accolades – That no one could care about, To the varsity trophies –
Eventually   Eventually you’ll run out of tears, Eventually you’ll run out of fears. Eventually you’ll run out of sadness,
Love a 4 letter word, though it holds so much gravity yet we throw it around like something thats only worth a penny Hate
money in shabeled people dying citeies broken great peole forgotten have hope for the futrue
Let's pop some pills, Fall in loveCut our wrists and spill our bloodDrink come Gin, let's die tonightCome on Demons, help end our lifeLet us bleed, for what we see
Let's pop some pills, Fall in loveCut our wrists and spill our bloodDrink come Gin, let's die tonightCome on Demons, help end our lifeLet us bleed, for what we see
All the cliques laugh away While I sit and watch Wondering where my friends are Wondering where you are Wondering why distance keeps us apart.   The teachers will lecture
You clenched at my chest, For a sweet rational moment. Heart drop. Bottom rock. The bitter grin Made my face numb like gin. The only Substance That can Be Absorbed
'love is blind' This quote very famous, very, very famous but for those of us who have been in love how much of it is really floating flowers and doves or is the quote meant to symbolise something alot deeper
Blame it on the godfor making creaturesconscious only foran instant. The pastbeing a memory;the future, a goal;the desire’s requests,imagination.Because if I wereto be aware of
Might I relate to you? Could you feel the way I do?  Just slip me a smile- it's all it takes to leave me up- wide awake   A flicker- a glance my chance-  to lean in a kiss
She Helps the helpless, Enrich the poor, Humbles the wealthy, Reaches those unreachable, And encourages the distraught.
If I were the rain, my drops would not fall parallel, they would hit you in the face and make you want to turn away.
Longing, it is you that I am longing Here I lie, wanting you to be here Yearning for much, it is you I’m yearning Near to my heart, I want to feel you near
Between time and space by Ima Rios     Twentyfour: the perfect number the essence of my life and my life... is you.  
My mind is in blank so I cannot write by Ima Ríos   I really want to let you know that I don't know how to say this
  A day to remember where our hearts became one A day where the cobwebs of my heart got swept away by the warmth of something foreign  Aday where our hands danced with each other
I dream of my darling's eyes. Surging explosions of silky brown leaves from the finest tree. Nature is captured within the confines of her precious eyes.   Sweet songs bloom through the mixture
As we live longer my feelings grow stronger. For a girl as valuable as gold, I'll treasure her 'til I'm old. We can sit and stare at cloudy skies, but I'd rather it be your blue eyes.
We're walking hand in hand, up and down these streets. All we hear are footsteps matching our heartbeats. The town around us lives; it seems to almost breathe. We act like we're alone, but people fill the streets.  
A fire fly flickers dimly by, It catches my eye And steals my breath in awed sigh Lovely the glow- Suspended and slow- As moonlight brightens the night like a show The winged fairies shine 
You say I'm sweetBut you're sweeterSweeter than my favorite teaYou belong with meCan't you seeIts as plain as can beWe're simply meant to beYou and meTogether foreverBe with me
When the lights are turned Offthe night sky will dimand fade into black,with no points to pin,all of eternity will haveno fire within.The centuries reborn will extinguish in time,for my love has gonea loss,for all things sublime.and yet my love sh
She was an astronaut and he was a poet. He's known of her since elementary school.He's known her since before he knew of the words he should've used to describe the way she jumped off the jungle gym like Armstrong stepping on the moon for the firs
I'm living under an abomination losing my world, most importantly my girl I just wanted domination and to see her smile I want to be with her every second of my life
You're asleep in bed tonight, But still here awake in my mind. My heart is restless— Trying to keep up with my thoughts of you. I sit here, staring at the sky. I wish you could see it,
Forlorn! The very word is like a bell That sings and haunts with piercing pain and loss Upon the heart and soul. It says farewell: For glassy streams of time do rarely cross
Shall I be your humble servant? And you, my darling queen?
The dry air is hot, sucking the moisture out of every living and deceased creature. Even the non-life has no reprieve from the tyrannical looting of the sun.
The silver moon winks at us As we dance into the field of dreams. The crickets provide the melody, The birds offer their song, And the voice of the wind guides our every step. You look to the sparkling sky
I actually remember the first time that I ever saw you I could not keep my eyes off you It was from my friend's friend party And oh my did I think you were a major hottie Eyes so stunning Lips very pleasing
The stars are falling around us yet all i can focus on is the sine of your eyes The floor trembling beneath us yet all i can feel is the beating of my heart Fires encompassing us yet all i can feel is the fiery passion of my love
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