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Repeating what I've done once before,Recycling "hello" and "goodbye" pricelessly.Rethinking my decisions isn't needed, thisRealistic world I've grown used to, I want toRedo the world in hopes of something better.
She was toxic. We were blamed For simple things, Like internet going out, And traffic. Things we couldn’t control. She was toxic. Manipulation was her superpower. Always at her disposal.
There are certain phases that the average person will travel through before they can be considered an adult
You're not what you've done All of the mistakes The heartache The tears The pain that tries to tear you apart That's all gone Done You are how you oercome You are strong
The pain of not being able to call you The hurt that comes with not being able to see you The bittersweet light at the end of the tunnel when I think I'm finally over you
  Hello Beautiful Stranger   I saw you again. And it felt like we were a thousand stars apart. Your eyes hold this delicate sadness, I feel like a wandering stranger, back at the start.   
Why would I want To be the face That launched a Thousand ships When I can be the Words that restart A million hearts?
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