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Here lies the body of Nick O TymeWho never thought of crossing the lineLived his life as quiet as could beOnly stimulant consumed was teaSaved a lady from the path of a train
Search high and low, no matter where I go, there will never be another.   I run, You pursue, I cannot escape a love so true. I do not believe in me,
The Trap   I am the only one Who loves you Who else could ever love you?  
I am Macbeth, A regal shepherd of Germany, My only purpose is to love and protect, These I shall do for all eternity, Though I’m not a king or prince,
Cowering in the corner six feet underground, Sapphire blue eyes pleading, Pleading to be found Parents heard cries From the helpless, Helpless creature stuck In the sewer, out of luck
Who am I? Do I let you define me, no! It's my heart and soul that carries me. I am resilient and full of character. i am who i am
Everything is awesome.  Everything is awesome when you see it as awesome.   
You were young, but old enough to remember it all. Your eyes fillled with hope, Ideal to take as their own.
When lost
I was born and I loved you Who am I kidding? I still love you I know you, you you They whispered through the slivers of light as they passed the rattling big thing, "You belong somewhere else,
Resting my tiresome eyes, whilst not listening to whom has to speak; For I know what the truth is, yet no one sees as clear as the words that go unheard. These beings make no sounds, a voice box gone to waste;
Thank you for caring.
Of course I would save a horse. What could be worse than a suffering horse? Hop aboard the rescue train, nothing can top saving a life.
The throbbing pulse of the silenceMade immune to the deadening enclave of walls of stoneIn this captivity, but one soul exists And calls this asylum her homeOne lives and soundlessly breathes here 
The left arm is the pain and hurt that’s been suffered all this time, while the right is a shrine to the family that’s there no matter what.
A rush of iced ocean beneath my feet, Whirr of the helicopter in time with my heart beat. Clad in orange, and goggles too,
Have you ever felt
Take my hand, sweet child of mine And let me guide the way. Just wrap your hand around my fingers And hear what I must say. Listen close to what I speak And I’ll show you how life is true.
Punches and bruises, Laughter never seems to come my way. Yelling, screaming, No one seems to hear me.   Day by day, I wish life will end. Then somthing happens.  
I am the one who fought for you Because it’s what you asked. I am the one who would have died for you If to me that is what you tasked.  
Don't leave. Just don't. Stay close to me. Be patient and gentle, then you'll see. Get to know me. I have layers upon layers of thought spent on who I am. There's contradictions.
Those eyes blazed Jaws wide with rage Looming so large above me All I wanted was to play   Teeth through flesh Warm red water covers me All is fear All I wanted was to play  
Small, pitiful eyes, looking at me. hoping, wishing, longing to be free. they all look to us for a new family.
Everyday I wake Early in the morning The sun is at the Sea line And I know its the perfect time I Walk through the house And to my masters room I lick her ear And she awakens too
I've never had an owner                                        Yelped, whined..those didn't work And you've never had a pet                                  I waited for you to sleep.Then ran away;
Behind a metal door, My heart begins to feel sore. It’s been beating painfully for days,   I’m hoping, just pleading it’s a daze. Pairs of eyes dart from me to a friend.  
Down deep under, The pressure is crushing me. It's hurting to breathe. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I don't even know what's going on. But it's all too compact with the walls closing in.
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