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I wrote this the day before you died, But today you are no more alive than you will be tomorrow. What's to come is inevitable,  But I know you of all people can handle it the most.
Porque te amo... I'll endure all the looks we get in public. I'll skip all dates with friends to stay with you. Parce que je'taime... I will never get tired of giving you kisses
The trumpets of remembrance call to me from their deep and dark slumber, they arise, calling out to anyone who cares to hear their lonely desperate song falling upon deaf ears,
Silent Ones   When the sky is dark, and the wind is cold, And the rain comes down, fold on fold,
Gray skies meet gray buildingswhich stand on gray stones.Along the long, ashen road,whereon many have troddenand many have fallen,I, too, treadwith subdued reverence.
Do you remember the time when the Carousel was first built? What joy it brought to those who anticipated! The gems which twinkled and flared, The paint all smooth and bright.
  O lost and forgotten ones, Thou and thy daughters and sons, Thou that lived, and breathed, and died, And spoke, and laughed, and cried. O poor and broken heart,
I use to remember you That way you move your hair from your face it strikes me down with nostalgia Like being struck with the badge of honor from an epiphany  
Dedicated In Memory of Tim McCormick 
My last recollection of seeing a black butterfly was not long ago. I remember it was on a particular flower. I remember it was on a red flower that had just bud after sun rise.
You pull on your boots and look into the mirror, As you put your hat on You walk out the bedroom door and kissed your parents good-bye You bend to look into your sons eyes You give him a hug and tell him you love him
I wish I could open my mouth and speak the words I feel. They tear me up inside. I will never heal.
If the simple motion of living Meant I was alive That I could breath, spin, dance And I had nothing to hide I would be dead For I cannot breathe Dancing does not come easy And I would like to leave
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