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America wasn't great? Im sorry, didn't know. We aren't truly free? Is that an actual fact? I didn't even know. I Couldnt see. Cause I knew from the start, America wasn't made for me.
I've known you since the beginning of time, We were once so little and fragile. Now that we use to only make a dime,
Second chances, second tries, fresh opportunties. But I'm like a broken record, there's never a new me Keep on doing the same thing, keep on fucking up things. Always the same pain, the same stress the same ordeals.
Flawless; no. Passionate; yes.
It's easy to choose the broad path that everyone follows.
When you think of Texas You think of conservative You think of the Lone Star State You think of the Cowboys You think of how “everything is bigger in Texas” You think of the best BBQ.  
Alright that was tight but homie keep the mic on,
Am I really here? 
If I could change one thing it would be my procrastination I'd say it must be ranked no.1 in the nation I applied my css late, cost me 20k off my tuition I wish i had some intuition
Your demons keep you up all night Until the first sign of daylight You can't run and you can't hide
Everyone is complaining about the way our world works, Yet I never see people changing, only acting like jerks. So much judgement and hatred and not enough hope. Maybe if we stop the neativity people will learn to cope.
You call this a classroom. I call it a jail cell with cheesy posters. You call it a grade. I call it the key to my future sucess. You call it a lesson. I call it BULLSHIT.
Love and pain. Loss and gain. New paths to take. Old friends again. Mother and father to hold your hand. An ex-best friend to take your man. A heart to break and a heart to have.
A leaf upon the pond, drifting along,  No wiser to the water below than the sky above,  The wind blows it goes,  No control of here or there,  As the day unravels the weather above eats away, 
        It began with button. “Butt-uhnn” I said excitedly while pointing at my mother's navel, and then my own indentation where I was once attached.  
It gets darker as everyday comes to an end, The flesh is so weak, some cannot help but sin. Day in and day out, we try to get it right, but with all the recent tragedies, is it really worth the fight?
Painful memories my heart storesLooking for a way through these doorsFinding my way back into the lightUsing up all of my mightBut when the darkness is backAll I see is black
The abandonment that I have experienced,  no other should feel. Enjoy your family, if not for you. Do it for the peole like me. People who have no mother to say "I love you".
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