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My mother always said she liked that dress. She said I looked pretty in pink.  I don’t really like pink, Or dresses, Or hair, Or my smile,
"ONLY ONE WAY" There's only one way I know of to get rid of a problem, and that's to solve it. #c9_fm
You think it's going to be your way or the highway but that's not how it's going to be.You'd better change your way of thinking if you want to continue to be married to me.You are not always going to get your way.
The moment my mind set a flight onto the thought of you, the bells placed up at my heart's ceiling began ringing and would never stop for some times. Keep echoing its sound, like it was a celebration. Then, flutter of flower petals start to rain a
I'm happy because I live in falsity, i'm still happy because I reject reality,   Stuck in my childhood, My utopia Forgot the fact that, I had grown up   Someone, wake me up
Finding your voice is not easy to do. It all starts with a problem you need to get through. After trying to deal with it all by yourself, You think, "maybe I should look outside myself."
Dear Darian,   I’m stuck in a game of tag I thought it would be fun The closer he gets, the faster I run My body is drained,  but I continue   I can’t be ‘It’
Oh America, I love to call you mine. If I had the courage I would fight for this land. I feel useless compared to those who give everything for this land. For this land, I shall become the best person I can be.  
They say it isn't hard to get well. That it gets better with time. It isn't that simple. They say it is a matter of will, A matter of desire, But it's not true.  
Problems Modern questions Things for solving Some quandaries for unwinding Queries   Puzzles Of everything
The enlightenment heightened my slighted psyche, she judges, it’s like the purveyor of our pain and purgatory is a catholic church, no better yet, an oratory.
we were wild animals. 
Their reaction will depend on what choice you will make They don't care who you are Or what you have done   They taught us what's good and bad And made us open and realize
History repeats itself it's why we're here again. Black versus white but this time it's times ten. We need to be aware  that this gon' get us nowhere. No! It's not him, her, or them; 
I think my problem is, I don't want to have to fall in and out of love several times  Before I find the "right one."
This heart is at peace, finally. It has been one hell of a journey.
  Looking out my window where
Sometimes I get in my feelings, for no reason. Just a thought can shift my entire mood. I can be happy one moment then depressed the next. I have issues. I guess that's called bipolarism.  
I dream of having a voice traveling the world to see the ways of people in other countries live to write about what I come across and the observations I have made  
Rich people have 2 houses, boats, expensive shoes, and an unnecessary amount of food.  
How could you easily let go the one thing you said you love without a protest without a fight and leave it there broken walking away.   You say it hurt you to release your grasp
A boy will leave Neverland today
Do you know what it’s like
I've started out the day todaySitting in my math class.But all that I can seem to noticeIs a flaw in my necklace.
He took part in an act off delusion, something that he was curving for his solutions. Hypothetically speaking I gave him roses to match his questions, as his beacon. But he tries to match his words with his reasons,
I have a problem, Day by day I am consumed; My legs are thicker, waist is bigger, She's over it they presume; But they don't know about the war in my mind, For it wasn't the three-step curable kind;
All my life - I've been trying to find Such a beautiful place, Like the one in my mind. Somewhere that no one else can trace. Now here I am Standing in front of it, Not giving a damn,
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