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I am not what I say, but what I do. My words may lie, even to myself, while my ations are always true
You are just another face. You are a statistic. A number that can be manipulated. You are a small piece of a chart, Put into a section, By someone who doesn’t know your story,
It's in one breath that the syllables come falling out, Can't break one down if they don't know a thing about doubt, I'm stronger, braver, wiser, faster, Than I ever been before,
Hope. Hope is everywhere Hope is abundant, hope is not rare
I have a past, we all do Some of it is lies, other things are true My grandma said I lied about rape My aunt said I was fake My church said I was a mistake My friends said they needed a break
If I have a son
Before I knew you I knew i didn't want one of you before I knew you I knew I didn't have a clue once we decided to make you I knew I would love you once we made you I already loved you
You reach around the room for broken girls, You know, the ones with those innocent curls. They trust in you, with all their might, Still believing in you when you cut them down to size.
Late nights.... The notes seem to float out of the headphones and into the vacant air as if they are looking for a somber soul in the distance.
chained to stone, to these pillars i know as home withered by time and awaiting to claim what's mine angered by the visions of shame. unleash the beast that resides inside undo my chains that i carry in my mind
Paint me! Paint my eyes paint my smile paint my laugh paint my vitals can can you really see the exact detail of me? you can try to paint my legs oh so smooth like butter but hard like rock.
I watch them leap and twirl and dance.  
Your sun may shine While clouds look divine. But the thought will never leave you  knowing that someone is going to cry Someone else's pain will darken their day
Poetry is a candid response To what I feel inside It's a gift of exploration Deep into my mind   If I feel I need to reach someone I'll record it with guitar
Call me a bitch But I deserve fame and a name Too many #hash #tags in this game All of the Kim Kardashian wannabes are #basic I want to be original It’s too hard to be unique and classic Damn 
I am surrounded by people
I sream and scream as tears fall  from my face No matter how hard I try, I am never heard here Not sure why I stay here, if I am never heard Time to leave     So I left And now I am heard.
As children we are much like trees
Hey, there I’m a nerd Better yet, I’m a geek I actually read for the fun of it I like going to school I’m pretty smart (most of the time) I wear solid black glasses
Do you hearThat small whisper?Full of fear,That little flicker.Fragile and small,Growing and feeling.Alas they all fallEver revealingA darkness for lifeIn hearts does linger.
Grades are getting low, teens are getting high. A 16 year old is pregnant and her parents wonder why. A first grader is cursing, a fourth grader has been raped. Just take a look around, isn't our world just great?
Listen to me!I need to be heard!My mind is a notebook and for nineteen years I’ve been writing,scribbling away, but no one will take the time to read!  
I'm on the brink, staring into the abyss. My own strength is insufficient; my energy waning, My knees buckling, my back breaking. I can't do this on my own, I pitch towards my end.
I couldn’t keep it together. Every little thing heightened my senses, every sound, taste, smell made my body burst and shiver. I just don’t know if I can handle this. Is it ever okay to hate yourself?
It’s easy to be angry at something you don’t understand. Something that seems so far away, out of reach.   How can you understand something when you take a stand against it? Take a stand,
                                                   What I love about you   is that You are,   Tall, thin yet muscular   With soft looking hair,
Swinging in the sunset
Everytime I come here I think of you. I never forget you, With a picture of you hanging on my wall, You're always in my heart.  But when I come here, To this special place,
    My father pulled a knife on me the last time we spoke.In return, I handed him the remains of my heart, Ashes in a box of out of tune lullabies.  
It wants to be known.It has been all alone.For far too long, no one,No one has heard the song. Each word is carvedCalculated, starvedTo mean something!To somehow belong.
The levels of life are like the staircase to your future, you must keep walking upward in order to reach your destiny. Even in the your weakest moments you can not  let the steps you take control where you might be heading.
One thing I've learned with the example of college, Success is not determined by hard work and knowledge. Not to discredit people's hard work, But being rich definately has its perks.
This goes out to you.A massive parasite, a barbarian wandering our streets.You have forced me to use my most lethal weapon,to keep a record of your filth.
It’s always hard to find a way To find the words you want to say Writing words and scribbling them away And come back to face them some other day
  Love Love thawing my soul Making my heart beat faster Breathing becomes hard Wondering what will come next
I feel like I am Atlas. Holding the Earth upon my shoulders. All 5.972 sextillion metric tons. The pressure is crushing.
YOU Barely visible, uninteresting, still here CAN Be omnipresent, easily ignored, and flighty GO Follow the wind, join your group, and occupy space AWAY With the east wind, like clear days, from me
The day you left, I felt nothing.   Partly because it Was at 2 in the morning, But mostly because I was trying to process what was happening.   Why did you run away that night?
Dear, (Fill In the Blank), I decided the “check the box that applies to you” on the form, was not for me. So I’m writing over the boxes. I filled out my address, my name, typed in the codes,
I never as
School is what I need To get the carrer I want I hope I win this
Thy Worst Enemy is one that never leaves. It is always  by your side.   You cannot  run from it. Swimming, is out of the question. Don't even thingk about flying.  
It was a lazy summer night alone
That phone call you never thought you'd have to make; Where is he…? You only turned away for a second. You just had to close your eyes.   He’s gone. Your little baby boy…
To take away from humanity, and to be stolen from nature. We have yet to decide which should be mandatory.
Your words rush through me I drown in their painful sting Your eyes pierce though me as if I should not exist   If you only knew what you did to me Because of you I can't even sing
Have you ever wondered why, We were never meant to touch the sky? We were born with our feet on the ground, With all its wonders to be found. But there's an aching in the heart, It's slowly pulling us apart.
Self-doubt knows when your weakest point has you by the neck.
I hope that you’re ha
I once would walk in the sun and smile as I felt my skin absorb the heat. Life was radiant.  
There's love in the air, And all i hear is your sweet whipers making me smile. There's tensoin in the room, And all i feel is you pushing me away. There's the sound of laughter through the house,
I was toiling with my day: I told myself  it will end, the day did. I was angry at my day: I told it not to end; yet it did.   And I wallowed in fear Night and morning so far yet so near, 
NEVER seek to change thy past, Past that is besmirched will be; For intent and purposes Quite the same.   The past is not for me; the past is not for me, I say the future were its at, 
Unstoppable and impending    knowing it comes  knowing it cannot be stopped  its faceless oh but not nameless   it has so many, oh so many    could you be the day falling ?
A year from tomarrow  will there be names what will remain   the names I know  will they be the same a year from tomarrow.   The blame I throw still stuck to the shamed 
Life is the basal in which we share Developing as any plant would; straight from the stem. It is our choice to have the care To grow up in the light or digress in the darkness.  
An image, Colors vibrant, consistent Stop! Stare! Hidden meanings aware  
When we write, what is our goal? Is it simply a way to catalog the fragments of our soul? A method to be heard? Or none of these things at all?   I write for my friends who are shut up by our society.
The word “poetry” is so pretentious It makes you think of that guy You know the one The guy who talked over everyone in your junior lit class
Poison drips from my lips, I slowly drip my head back as I drink. Slowly I wait.   Shouldn’t it have worked by now? The way I see it Everything kills. Everyone dies for one reason or another.
The one thing that really makes me tick,  is how parents like to abuse their kids. What is it that makes a parent click,  to lay hand and bruise those eyelids. To punch, slap, kick or even yell, 
Honors, Advanced Placement, Varsity Swim Captain, Four years of straight A's, Salutatorian. Blood, sweat, and tears, Yet no one hears   The women of long ago,
A Light in the Darkest of Nights. By: Keila Levis   I see love at first sight. I see wonders in the sky. Like an owl, I see the darkest of nights. I see loneliness, as I spy.
Grab, break, abuse Even if you win, you lose Picture this: A little miss, not much bigger than yous Just wants her dad to give her a kiss But insead shes greeted by his welcoming fists
  The guards stand at attention At your perpetually locked gate
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