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Yeah, well, no one's ever accused me of being an optimist.   Besides, my face hurts when I've smiled too much.   The world still seems mostly grey. 
He who has not sipped of the wine from a glass, half-empty....shall never know the taste, of true experience! By: Tonya Carroll
Pessimists see  the horrors of Earth. The darkness that comes  from the moon's birth. They need to see the beauty of life, through all the troubles, struggles and strife. 
Beings with reverse tongues One with purity And another without love, Whose hands hold strings And with their own decree Pull them manipulating, Selfish bastards using others To create a false love  A false comfort of a lover Spouting lies that cr
In which there is a debate between an optimist and a pessimist. If you don't know what either means, don't be embarrassed. An optimist always thinks that the world is full of hope.
Faces passing by bland grey in the corner of my eye To think I see them every day again and again along my way they don't know my name I don't know theirs if one goes missing no one cares 
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