'o captain my captain scholarship'

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Broken fragments pieced together, is this who I am meant to be? Little pair of hands and circuits working, crafting what seems to be a part of me.
As an engineer in training, many things are taught. We are taught new ways to solve problems, to innovate. A family builds a great nest with windows that enable. The mentor I seek, shines brightest
The person that inspires me the most is anonymous to random people, but when duy calls for random people she is there.  She is out and helpful even though she is not with us.
You take care of me  You made me see what the world could truley be you opened my eyes There between your hands lies a surprise You have gifted me with the sunrise And so much more You are beautiful
Thank you for helping me with my homework.  Thank you for giving me money when I need it.  Thank you for giving me good advice for school.    Thank you for helping me get good grades. 
It is about my mom and dad They are there for me They help me grow up  and get to school  They tell me I am a sweet girl  and that I am smart  My mom is a good parent to me 
You make my ears fell wonderful All these different emotions Happiness, sadness and contentment You also make me very excited   You come in many different genres
You are the reason that I'm here When you're with me, I have no fear   It is precious how you take a lot of time out of your day I'm grateful that you take that time to help me along the way  
I am of influential women The people who inspire me to be who I am and do what I do The women who have raised me on a mental and physical level
In life, there are those who Lead you to your destiny But there are also those who Are nothing but your enemy.   The truth is, we cannot process feelings of gratitude
A mentor One, or something who shapes you Who defines you Who carves pathways that engrain into your brain That you follow, follow, follow
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