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I: "It's too hard to accept that you are gone." You: "But the fact is I've, how long this false hope you can keep on?" I: "It's too hard crying for you, to cease." You: "But you have to find an inner peace."
Time is stopping as each thought is threaded from its undertone and I wonder why it has brought me here,  standing alone in a pool of surreal rain and lessons I continue to seek. 
I hate the feeling of nostalgia. I can try to go on a walk in the road, just to clear my head. But all it does is stuff my head with more memories. The summer afternoons after swimming in the
Less than a year before I leave So short time I can hardly believe As that day approaches I start to reminisce About all the things I'm going to miss.   My friends, my peers it has been six years
Right now it is 2:00 am and I am awake in bed, staring at the ceiling with glossy eyes as if my mirrored pupils could teach the blue sky above the Atlantic something about reflection.
I am the voice In the back of your mind Telling you to make a mental note Of how your first sip of coffee tastes The morning before your first day at a new job.   I am the friend
Riots all across different towns, everywhere you look you see dirty frowns You look at a world filled with sadness, but do you succumb to madness
My viewers are facing What they know they see, They say they see, They think they see.   But it's just the casing I know they see, I would say they see.
A carton of cherry-limeade, and a package of Reese’s–short one cup – Lets go sit on a train and collect rust with our a**es. Chase me up the driveway at zombie pace Tickle me till I’m blue
I use to remember you That way you move your hair from your face it strikes me down with nostalgia Like being struck with the badge of honor from an epiphany  
  I wish I could… I can’t help falling for you, Each time our eyes meet. Even for that brief second it’s like fire rushing through my veins.
And I lay my head on my soft pillow. Silence.Inhale, exhale. I focus on my breath.When my thoughts run off to a distant memory
It’s been 12 yearsOf chores, work and sweat.We didn’t ask for itBut overall it was okay. We meet peopleSome were horribleSome were greatBut overall they were okay.
Reflective in nostalgic reflections of mere eidetic copies of what once was while; deaf to the loud silence of the world with the blinded walking in the mouths of them who bare no words. Left adrift in presences absence filled with foreign words m
Tan marble wall paper Oversize purple leather couch French-style upholstered chair   Fish tank Radio Painting of a blue barn   Toy closet Blue bathroom Purple carpet
I see the clock counting time, The minutes passing by. tic tock tic tock… The noise in beat with my heart Is it the end of an hour, Or just a new start? Tic tock tic tock…
I miss the days where there was no war, no strife Everyone was happy, not one cry No horrors or crimes No troubling times You could walk the night streets by yourself
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