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in reality,  
This uncontrolable jelousy  Builds up deep inside of me people say they're jealous of me they keep telling me  that im handsome enough to be in magazines and that i speak so confidently 
I didn't grow up in a home, I grew up in houses, 13 schools and a murder attempt and "Run as fast as you can, find the neighbor, and stay there till I call the police!" My mom's ex-boyfriend,
Slammed into lockers, pushed into walls. This life just wont stop hurting. When I am all alone, I can see the world, for what it truly is. I walk alone on the edge of the road,
Their made to torment us To lock us away
She paints her face on in the morning  
I'm like a story. The one you would tell everyday to a friend.
Without a filter you see my flaws I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world But I’m the best version of me Behind the filters you see the real me Not who they want me to be
Honestly? It doesn't matter
We all want to be special in some way in the world, but what holds us back? Is it the failures, mistakes, or misfortunes of our past? It's the scars that pose as the three.
I am me, there is noone else I would rather be. Sure I have OCD, but that only expresses me. Yes, I love photography, it is my way to feel free. Writing is my way to say, Help,I am not okay.
I see him, my heart flutters Yet he sees me and he only sees my body. Am I silly for wanting him? No I don't think so, doesn't he want me? My friends shake their head, but I'm in denial of their obvious truth,
Who am I beneath it all? Who am I without any makup? Who am I?  
My past is full of hatred and disgust
I am but a sidewalk, perhaps one less traveled by.
Selfies are stupid, You can fight me if you think otherwise, When people take them in public, I look at them cross-eyed, What the fuck are you doing, Why filters exist, is another damn question,
Crumbing                                                             powder that coats the marble
Every night I lay awake in bed Trying hard to keep you off of my mind Feeling hurt about the bad things you said Wondering why you couldn’t be more kind.
Who am I? I am a dreamer I let my emotions take over me And I dream. I dream of my past, present, and future, I dream of what I long for, I dream of life  
Without my fancy words and explanations? I become weak and naked.
i am sleepless nights counting the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling covering my mouth until my knuckles are white just to keep the sound in tears on my cheeks match the temperature of my body
A mask Is a thing to hide one's face An actor Without one is just a disgrace But masks are for actors And not for you I like your face And I like you too.
Do you ever get that feeling? That no matter what  you do, you can never live up to the expectations? The expectations that are set by your parents or your friends or the society around you?
Everything I see, I see through someone else's lens, Someone else's point of view. Someone else's tap and click. Not bad, just different. but when you take our filters our lenses our taps our clicks
This world... full of fakes.                  Who is real?                                           Who is putting on a facade?
I can be a little bit CRAZY,
I've been grinding my whole life.
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