new year

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New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
Muslim new year was on friday, Christian it was on friday, Both we cellebrate on friday, God thanks for this day.
So here we are New world, new us It’s been a while Since we’ve fought Maybe it’s the thrill of it all Or maybe our priorities just switched But hey We’ve got time Right?  
Why do some people make it seem like when we flip the calendar everything is going to change, Because, to me, the thought of doing that has always been kind of strange.
Finally, that time of the year is here, Where we spread happiness and cheer, Christmas is truly a time of magic and fun,
come along to the new year where everyone can see a world of opportunity   the people are abuzz with new ideas of how to face their biggest fears   a chance for a do-over
The new year has come Why do people find this  A time to change  What's wrong with changing  In the middle of the year Why can't a person change  Sooner  Wouldn't that  Save us 
Your face; raw and homeless, a burger with a fried yellow yolk, slapped  like thick rolls I want to slobber Baby black hairs are rivers twisting through your navel Your hands are infant bottles;
Here today, standing at the beginning of a new year, when I look back, for the first time in my life,   I don't see any regrets. I don't see any worthless pain. I don't see any failures.  
Every year, they say, “New year, new me, yay!” It’s not a joke, though, You are pretty different, you know.   Growing, changing, Maybe even rearranging… 365 days is a lot of time,
Dear 2017, Thank you. Thank you for the pain. Thank you for the hurt. Thank you for the tears. Thank you for the hardships.
First there is darkness I have slept too long the blood is black before my eyes and the sky is blacker    I step outside  and the darkness dissapates I look up to see
like the seats on the bus in the morning, be occupied  be taken up with warmth  with different stories  and different perspectives  be overpopulated  because when the takers come to take
It's a New Year for us all  and through this New Year a lot of New things are coming  our way this year because  This New Year will bring a lot  of Good and wonderful things to us all.
The brilliant dark is terrifying. It is brighter then any soul is dark But darker Then the power of any blazing suns light. All this And yet it is empty. All you can hear Is the echos
She touches the cool surface, the reflection of her hand a shadow of herself A suburb in Utah drifts light through the small window Have you seen the news today?  
Every year, as the earth shed it's skin every 365 days, I sit and ponder the year that passed by. The person I am today, is not the same person I was at the beginning of the year.
yesterday i realized i am better now and i was proud for the first time since april today
Far away I left my fears  Become strong enough  To control them all.   
New year, new me!It's that time of the year again where we make promises we never actually meanbefore that strike of midnight we take shots of apologies to our empty promises  First shot for eating healthySecond shot for exercisingThird shot for t
Day one. The Year is born, boom! Fireworks gleam above shaded cities today. Years back, fifteen, to be exact. Beat. Mother's love? Pah! 2016 sends her away. Feel unhindered. Free, they say.
I smile at myself in the mirror and it all seems a little bit clearer My reflection has grown to an uncharted zone and it all seems a little bit queerer   But queer is the funniest word
New year, new me. My reflection is the same. My hair is brown and my eyes the same.   New year, new me. My name hasn't changed. I have the same cat and my house hasn't changed.  
Am I exactly who I was a year ago? Or perhaps sort of the same? Am I still myself at all? What is myself Well What was I last year? I was me Check I was stressed Not check
I, a timid adventurer, Do promise, To make this year my finest. The prospect of future, The anticipation of living. I will no longer be frightened.
2016 was a year where my hands where tightly tied  together with ropes that smelled like your hands,  i hated that smell. your malignant actions took over my entire life
i see A New year forming and i anXiously find myself lookIng back on two thousand sixtEen seeing where i mighT trY to grow. iT seems as if we oveRestImatE how much our minDs can handle,
Three, two, one... I dive straight in, and I hear the commotion and clouds of confetti, I come up in a new year.   Seat belt, please - Anxiety, nervousness,
It was a new year last year, and old became. What Yiddish, once old Norge the same? Don't be addict to me. I like my space, And still you prepossessed. And rude. Effaced.
- A year. Twelve months. Three hundred and sixty-five days.   An election outside.
This year,  love has so many more meanings than the last. Love takes up more of the space in which emptiness lived until now. This year, love can be definable, or not.
Winter. January 30th, 2016 I officially start my 19th year. I am strong and I am proud.   Spring. March 2016 I begin my journey into sisterhood.
A year in review, A time to be new   There are regrets and qualities met.   When I consider my goals and some of their roles, I realize how much I've grown
A year is a lifetimeA lifetime of momentsOf minutes
Last year, I wasn't me.  Well, I wasn't the real me, the true me.  I was the me who ate lunch in the library because I was afraid of talking to new people. 
One year passed, and the world could have used more of me, but I forgot to listen To listen to the billions of other lives What about their stories?
Six hospital visits: One for my baby cousin, Two for my sister’s knee, Three for my faulty lungs. Two writing competitions: One that I won,
A year ago I thought nothing could get worse It will get better- After all, it is January the first Underneath the bedsheets, I cried and cried Silence is fine- After all, it is better than to confide
Can you hear me now, As I call through the cloud The memories of the year that has past? The memories of joy The memories of tears The memories of death The memories of life  
January bloomed in full moon,And I fell in love after a drunk dropHit my lips, hit my hips.I cried and criedAnd sang jazz each night,Until he put his left hand in my right.
My heart beats the same as ever My eyes see just as poorly My nose works just as well Yet I am different   When I roll out of bed late
The year is new but the game is old / Same story starting and getting retold / And nobody cares if their words are gold / They just keep pretending that the worlds not cold / And everybody wishes they were someone they aren't / And everybody says
I will remember 2015 as the yearI was obsessed with Starbucks and sadness.When the coffee stains mixedwith tear stains on my notebooks.  
People think it's so much fun, but I just find it really dumb; It's just a giant disco-ball. descending from a tower so small; While I watched it, I probably snoozed, I can't believe it made the news;
Today is officially the start of the new yearIt is January first and the cold weather is hereThe Christmas decorations are all put away Safe and sound until next year, even dear Santa's slay
New Beginnings by Christian Betancourt 
11 pm, where do I begin The year is almost done As much as I prefer not to remember I found myself dreaming for the last hour of the year
I grew up in a world, el mundo, le monde, of seven billion people.  Everyday this number grows and grows and trust me it shows and shows.  From the depleted renewable resources,
It's a festive, all want gifts... Some like kiss, some like hug, Some like rings, some like else, And some like together as one for life, Some like hear 'I love you' in festive time,
You gave me life, You gave me strength, You held my hand, You taught me walk, When could barely stand... You cared my life,  Till could manage my own life...
Trudging my feet across the street Waiting underneath a foggy, humid sky, Yet again, the bus is late. An hour long ride from my home to school Foreign music blasting my eardrums
This year's almost over How terrific to hear It hasn't been the best, and that is certainly clear.   Filled with depression; Overflowing with sorrow Not an obsession
Twenty little souls, glowing and bright. Flowing in the wind, like brave little kites. Twenty eager minds, ready to learn. Wheels in their head, starting to turn.
I sit inthe dark of my roomand contemplateall the thoughtsof you they are sunlightgold and earth-warmgone coldin my arms and inmy mind’s eye
BOOM. Get down, Go where it’s safe There’s nothing to worry about It’s just a firecracker The celebratory roar
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