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Think you're all that Grab a girl and plant a kiss and say you can't help cheating Here they all come rushing back This one this one is mad at you now cause you went and kissed the new girl
Everybody shuffle in line Got your gold nuggets in hand? Teeth caps? Money signs? Pile up the bread, the fried chicken, the roasted chicken, the broasted chicken, the grilled chicken,
When the lunch bell rings, students groan with dismay As they choke down mystery meat long after its slay. With the retched appearance, gagging fills the hall As students wonder why they must suffer at all.
Four hours of tourcher have now passed. The bell has now rung, Everyone races to the lunch room. Dashing and skipping to the front of the line, Their eyes widen like a flower in the spring that blooms.
"We are human,  therefore we are vile,  disgusting creatures.  We are human,  We hate,  We kill,  and slander for  Ridiculous causes.  We are human,  Self-absorbed, and 
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