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Momma said there’d be days like these The sweat on your brow And the pain in your knees Momma said how the world can often be hard How the ones that you love Can leave you with scars
Exhilaration, jubilation, euphoria are the words of the day. Starring up at a precipice, then the rocky out-cropping’s, one, then two, the beauty overtakes me, I had to briefly turn away.
La luna llena cae del cielo Con una luz intensa de relampago Pero sin sonido alguno Libre de las cadenas de la gravedad Cae Y desaparece en la oscuridad La osuridad completa
Sissy-fits pushed his rock around the hallways. He pushed his rock around his home  Sissy-fits pushed and pushed and pushed his rock.  His rock never felt at home. His rock always needed to be moved.
Waves crash gently upon the shore as the tide roles in-n-out. A semi powerful breeze cools the air Standing 4,081ft up, I open my eyes to a 360° view of the Green Mountains. Wind rustling the leaves of the trees.
Make it easy.
A mountain compared to the girl Towering so far above her  She swears the moon dips right below it   Hammer in one hand, chisel in the other She moves forward on the whispers 
She laughs because while you see bullets She sees rain persistance is Her umbrella  the whispers of pain and doubt urge Her forward.   The terrain mocks Her ankles She groans as She slips
Some often speak of this hill with pretension  Assuming the knowledge of all its heights Others know this as the Mount of Redemption Illumination in the darkest of nights  
The Mountain tall, It stands with pride. It soars with trees upon its side, A pointing shard, Her Standing guard. Waiting there below his Bride.  
On top of a mountain surrounded by snow.Eyes looking everywhere where did you go?My fingers slipped right from your graspedand led me to my life's last. Where did you go?
Driving home. Went straight instead of left and ended up at the dock facing that water running under and out from me to the foot of the colossal mountain
Dear Kevin,
The man was young, his mind was sharp as could be expected of such a man at such a time, and his body had endured at least enough hardships to receive a curt nod from a seasoned veteran should such an encounter play out.
Rise out of the valley beholden with flowers Steep up the treeline as air grows thinner Trekking through snow with the summit in sight
She has curves that will take your breath away. She has peaks that will give you vision. Time does not exist, when you feel something like this. She has given me strength to move forward.
A latent prick of fearstarted at the root of my head.
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Catchy, cuddly, and cute. Have you considered its true meaning?   Just keep walking. Just keep walking. Not catchy, not cuddly, and not cute.
The racing of our imaginations --you argue, perhaps, that is our incentive?Lives without incentives are insane,and insanity with incentive is life.And how can we know what is beyond our mountains,
Fresh mountain air, The chill in my lungs, Rushes over my tongue, Prickles my hair, There’s something reviving about being up there.  
Alone, I could sit for an eternity, afraid, shallow, and weak. Quite, I could last a century, a poet without a word to speak. Lost, I could feel with no memory of the years, month or week  
I carry my canteen of hope in my backpack on hikes sometimes it weighs me down  walking up the mountains but as i reach the peak  the canteen refreshes me if i threw away the backpack because it's too heavy
One thing, so fleeting, how should I know what I require for my deed?  would it be a person for a meeting? or a pot to plant a seed? or a book to continue my reading?
I look out of plane view At a mountain range anew They are so beautiful That words are to dull To describe the pull That they have on my soul
On an island In outer space Across the world I couldn’t stay There Here Anywhere
Out of a trance. Transported, into another time frame, another second of grace beyond our space of a lifetime. Rebuked and without a trace, vanished, into an unknown place.
The road I travel is narrow and made of stone, never flat, always an uphill curve On either side is the Forest of Temptations As I labor up the mountains the Forest tempts me with rest and play
Nature likes citieskeeps man stackedon top of each otherout of her wayso she can roam freein fields and mountainsdown gentle streams .
  what does it mean to be complete? is life a school to teach us classes that complete, whether we learn or not? is it a stairway that we advance to the next step the same way everyone else does?
Everything beautiful is either immensely frail or immensely strong. Memories, frozen in time, lasting one second. Lasting a thousand seconds. They are beautiful because they are so fleeting in our minds.
The mountains loom above the little town. The sun sets and they cast their shadows down. The climber, still suspended from the rocks, Clips in, makes sure the carabiner locks,  
A craggy mountain Veiws are no longer askew A worthwhile journey
Water rushing through the mountain valleys dragging every stone not firmly rooted,  drowning just to resurface in an unknown region. And before long, the current sweeps the few, back under its brute force again.
The days of my youth are so hard, but in a way kind.I can do anything I set my mind To. WIthout Knowing this, I would be blind.I will do whatever it takes to succeed.IT IS IN ME, I have everything I need. 
I often see my mind as a mountain of Ice, A huge fortress of strength, intelligence and greatness. Like a monolith that will last for eons, And will spike the awe of the beholder.
I wish I was in my own head Where I am standing now On something where I have no dread A rock that will not fall That is tall Encompasses all As my feet continue to tread
Scarcely tall but never short, Brown and green or white topped black. These giants look as if alert, To the changes and echoes of the world.   Go hiking, camping or on a ride, The hills and birds will always be there. The animals sleep and rise ev
The smell of spruce The glistening fir The cloudy cool I know for sure The gentle rain It fills the air It cleans the earth It damps my hair The mountains sigh With refreshing need
You told her, “You can do it all!” So she tried to climb a mountain But she couldn’t afford a harness So she went to sell lemonade But you said, “Aim higher!” So she went to sell wooden knickknacks
Mountain ridges arise from your back  Everything is broken gloves on, real friends, fake friends No Tongue Raven at your window      get out get out get out permanent, this 
Waiting for that one rival that I'm willing to chase down the mountain in an epic race We'll see whos the better driver Catch me face to face and I'll show you this mountains number one ace
I told him I hope to be a poet.
Dust drifts down, and for a moment, it resembles the dance of white snow. Caused by a large boom, the dust falls and crashes into the top of houses, trees, and people. Some dust lingers in the air and shrouds everything in sight.
Sometimes its good To know what you want in life To have a direction And a purpose in living But then again It burns inside And brings tears to your eyes When that vision is threatened
I Begin m ascent up the mountain the looming pin trees all around me. My mind fixed on the goal I will attain. To Reach the top is the goal ahead of me
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