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You’d been with her for eight years. And you wonder why I can’t always be with you emotionally. eight years is nothing to a couple months. She knows everything about you and she was your whole world for eight years.
Got me addicted like novacane, sitting here numb without a feeling.Tried to retrace my steps with a little sexual healing.
Oh Mistress of Evil, why are you so wicked?Why is your heart like a stone?Does your quest for evil make you happy?Why does the suffering of others please you?
I am sorry, I am a slut. I dream for what I do not have. I crave his touch if only for a second. For his attention to get off of you and on to me.
LOVE. A four letter word that once had a world of meaning. LOVE. A four letter word that means nothing to this current generation. LOVE. A four letter word used to obtain personal desires.
Feelings, Emotions, the basis of our existence Tearing apart every piece of my weakened heart Though through all the pain I show no resistance
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