mirror mirror

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Welcome to the Mirrored Place Where the clocks turn counter-clockwise Where we read and write, From right to left, Where normal is done in backwards ways.
Mirror Mirror on the wall, Why am I not the fairest of them all? Why does my body stretch like a piece of taffy? Why don't I captivate anyone?
Dear Mirror Mirror,   I once asked you a question, I asked you who's the lonelines of all  And as the white crystal shards broke and shattered You refused to answer me truthfully 
Once Upon a Time there lived a girl, a happy little girl with a heart made of gold,  a mind full of intelligence and a beautiful soul.But it wasn't her heart, her mind or her soul people saw. It was the mask she
Plaster walls,full of cracksbreaking in.Press my backagainst the door…Falling through the floor.Mirror, mirror that I see,Mirror, dear, do you love me?Hunger bites,claws my skin.
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