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Society says You’re not sick; you’re just fine Society says that you don’t need help That you don’t know pain That you’ve never felt The way it is to have to ask Am I dying?
the inevitable question arises again and it cuts just as deep as it always does   the inevitable question always asked by someone else always painful always innocent
I eat too much to die and not enough to live and I claim that I try but I can’t say how much effort I really give   my body is shutting down but I’m past the point of feeling it
Consuming my days, and Filling the nights With a special blend of dread   It’s a debate in my head: I want the day to be over I want it to never end   I dread the days
They tried to tell me The funniest thing That what I’ve avoided Will be my own doom   They whispered so loudly The things I fear most And the monster inside me Uses my illness to boast.
  And now is wiped away  A single drop Or better yet  A single song no longer   A somber sound One Wished upon 
Such a disaster , I'm passing by With distress to live and get tie My heart says : don't say goodbye But my mind says: let's die! An infinite loop it has made thereby
  To start this I'd like to leave some insight into why this poem and my username is the way it is. I am not good at writing poetry and my writing style has been refered to as like an idiot Dr.Suess. Which hurts, though i dont know why.
Hey, you hear me Answer me. Hey, you see me Look at me. Hey, you feel me Touch me. You can try to drown me out with your prescription You can try to turn the music up so you can't hear me
I am the massacre. A scourge worthy of a mausoleum for all too see. Feels like Ive lived a hundred years and all those years you didn't see. I took everyone's hope away and destroyed any left for me. I concealed my deception as I consumed your per
Feeling like a genius with mental illness Imagine contemplating death in a day to day basis That's not basic or average Overaged and outrages at labels of mental status Currently there is not enough awareness
Imagine a flower picking its own petals, Throwing them on the ground in disgust. Criticizing every fine line and fuzz, It doesn't seem to add up.   Imagine the trees dropping their leaves 
A loss of life so young, The words caught on my tounge. A loss of a best friend, Made me feel like it was the end. She was only sixteen, It still feels like a dream. Memories of more than six years,
Drowned in a spot of water Rooted deep your body aches       To splice the vessels, which bring Life to your restless body Aching to disperse the spears Of crimson red which secretly
Burn choke crack Smoking Crack  To fill the crack  Smells like crack  To just get some smack Id be alive again Feel alive again  Try again  Walking on eggshells 
When you live your life with a mental illness You overthink and love with your whole heart Sadly nothing can kill it Because it became a part  
Today I lie in the ashes of my own passion, the ruins of reckless self-obsession.  I sought to outthink my mind, herself,  the prevailing ruler of all that concerns me.   
 I don't know who or what you are, But I know the pain you put me through I am reminded by my mental scars Coming so close to death because of you  Feelings of deep self-hatred and shame Keep overcoming my will to push through So my addictions rem
Hey, you there, sitting alone in the dark, why don't you get some sunlight, take a stroll in the park? I know this world can be cruel and I know that even your parents, can sometimes be fools.
Why am I the only one? Why don't they give up? I already know how bad I've done But all I say is ‘suck it up   No one cares that's It's hard
I think I could die
I walked along the bitten shore with fire lapping at my feet. As dusky malice shone above
You creeped inside my mind, in one instance and over time.   I felt you in my sleep, with each breath I couldn’t keep.   You hid inside my brain, and I wore a mussel of your shame.   
Hello there.. How are you? Have you thinking about me? Because I'm thinking about you Hello.. Can you hear me? My heart trying to call you back but the voice becomes mute Hello.. Can you hear me?
i love you, i love you, i love you. i love you so much, the bruises don’t hurt. i love you so much they’re not bruises; they’re accidents, and they won’t happen again. until they do. until i black out. i love you, i love you, i love you.
Bottled up inside, like a fifth of grey goose emotions I tried to hide my mind's running loose  afraid of what i might find if I keep digging deeper into my melon like a rind I thought she was a keeper
I’ve been contemplating for the past three days,Words to describe my precise emotions,And I become embarrassed by myself,For not even being able to, in such a s
Were you too misinformed to see clearly,Of how they were destroying your own soul?You opened your mind to them so simply,As if there was not a blood-l
I feel it again,The ferocious beating of calypso drums,Coursing through my fingers,Creating foul beings.These false shadows of which have burst forth from my skin,Have created a jazz band of sin.
this life I live breaks my heart a little more each daythe maladies and tragedies consume my dreamsand wear away all my strengthsorrow is my constant companion asthe moments' crawl, seconds feel endless 
I was born from drug addicted parents, but no one saw me. I father killed himself when I was at the age of two, but no one saw me. My mother was mentally ill and abusive, but no one saw me.
Sitting in class with my Victoria Secret perfume of Temptation and in my new letterman jacket. I’m on the honor roll, valen victorian of my class, and engaged, not in some ostensible straitjacket.
Devoured by my mind I stood a silent victim Of mindless medication Of helpless happiness Of the emesse emptiness.   They told me,
Inside Your Hands-A Tragedy  I crawled into the safety of The palm of your hand And though the stars of the galaxy inside Were annoyingly bright
It hurts to know- you're not enough Hearts shatter like broken bones              and words ring devistation You waste yourself in incomplete Promises and crushed dreams  
  I wake up every day and take a nice long stretch Noticing my room is a mess My energy cannot be spent on the trivial Instead it is spent on the vital: Getting up, sitting down, eating, breathing,
The courage to do something with my life has be
I'm hugry, but I have no appetite I am heavy, but I feel frail I feel weak, but so strong My mind is racing with all these numbers I am calcuating, from weight, to calories, to ounces and grams.
Who is that lonely girl Sitting on the corner of the street Who is that lonely girl Not saying a word while she eats Who is that lonely girl Wearing the outdated shoes Who is that lonely girl
don't unlock that closet [she warned in a whisper] these ghosts have never quieted at night i hear their screams [echoing through my mind] don't you dare unlock that door [she said] don't you dare 
I panic between doorways  I count the breaks in stairways  to rules I always adhere  and I do this out of fear fear that I'll lose my sight  that it will punish someone dear 
it was innocuous at first. (doesn't it always start off like that?) my lips were just a little too chapped and it looked bad, so i peeled off some of the old skin. no harm done, right?
do not tell anyone about your father's condition, my mother said,
when i first met him i thought that he would fight off my demons, but it turns out that i just needed a friend to have my back so that i could save myself.
every time it touches me it feels so real, but when it's gone i keep doubting myself and life becomes a game of was-it-real-was-it-not and i'm so damn tired of second-guessing myself,
i can still hear its voice, saccharine and cloying, telling me you worthless girl they'd be better off without you you're just a burden (a burden) (burden)
depression is a war and catastrophe. you fight yourself, and even if you win you kill something of your essence, your soul, but there is no help because this world is predatory and only
can you feel it choking you and are you drowning drowning drowning because i can't breathe the panic's rising and what are you supposed to do when you have no idea what's gone wrong,
I am a goddess   I am fierceI am flawlessI am strongI am passionateI am courageousI am powerfulI am a goddess  
These chains of life they hod me back, They keep me in a spot of torture Far from light, Far from life of others, Far from anything but myself, These chains, they dont belog just to anyone,
If you really knew me you’d know i can’t pass by a mirror without pulling up my shirt, to stare at last night’s gallon of ice-cream box of cereal and bag of cookies. you’d know i have no energy
When I used to look in the mirror, I would see A girl who struggled, but yet was sometimes pretty. I struggled with my relationship with my family. Although they clothed, fed, housed, and spoiled me,
The quiet assumes the guise of a room, abandoned by many. Ghosts of a family. Once existed happily. Outdated portraits grinning, forgotten by the youth. Ignorant of truth.
An unreliable narrator She was always at a loss for words Expression never came easy, nor was Compassion, understanding, empathy Love Was not a word in her dictionary
I used to believe that everything about life was wonderous
Wounded body of Carrie- the Cancer patient Wounded soul of Barry- the Bipolar patient
Bipolar disorder is a major part of my life I cannot let certain people know If my job knew, They may search for a reason to fire me I would be considered a liability If a school I applied to knew,
It's the gaurana, the crickets, the dust bunnies gaurding curtains, gates to a kingdom of ants on a windowsill. It's the tangled, ragged ropes, once daisy chains with wide, flattened faces
Beat me down Pull my hair A constant frown It's so unfair   My mind is distorted It makes me see things that aren't really there My body is contorted God, I wish I didn't care  
he thought no one heard him but i did through the wall. it killed me a little bit more every day to hear him cry. and i wanted to tell him that it would be okay one day,
Maybe you fall down sometimes Maybe the voices speak up again Maybe you get lost easily Maybe you don’t have to have everything figured out Maybe… Maybe some days are harder than others
Honesty is a lonesome place When you’re lying on the ground And you find yourself
 She talks to me,                                           She tells me things she wouldn't tell others.                                            Like how one day she will break free
From asylum to asylum I never seem to change, Whether it is a shotgun to my head, Or to that bully from fifth grade, I am a pressure cooker full of rage.   No longer, No more, My trust in you is gone,
I live within broken mirrors—   Fragmenting my mind.  
Depression is an ocean The horrible thoughts you have - the water The fears you have - the fish The friends you have - the other boats
Sun beats down on soft green grass,
Tall, knowing trees danced in the soft breeze that carried a sweet melody.
“Wow, what a psycho” Says the girl sitting next to me. How clever she is Laughing at the uncontrollable misfortune of others.  
From having answers to knowing none. I thought that it was all made up that you could control anything if you tried hard enough I chalked it up to lack of discipline or emotions but then it happened to me
This is what the front line is like A line where all have stood at points in life A trial of tears, stress and pain Deception is an ugly site   There is some sort of delight
Prescription pills can't remove a little thing I like to call stigma.
Shifting eyes, tight throat, hiding my face as I watch the class make fun of a girl for sharing her issues     about PTSD
She fights it every day.                                                 When will it stop? The pain. The suffering.   She starts to lose reality.
You'll be offended: "Religion: mental illness." Truth does yield anger.
3 months of my life I don't remember   Nuerons dying Brain bruised   When I woke up from the sudden sleep I had no answers   The Doctors who have dedicated their entire
Body under blanket; sick in mind. Coughing tears into a delicate tissue as fragile as the aching heart, that rests heavily between two collapsing lungs. Filled with gasped air and racing blood,
It’s not about feeling sad But rather a lack thereof. Not a mind that is toil clad But one that is naked and cold   No rain or storm dons the skies, Just clouds that mildly cover.
All you are is wonder; tied up in a bow wth that curling smile, Sparked when I lean in to  hear the mumbling seeping from your lips. You are rolling waves of stylistic happenings,
You would be the thickest chapterCited on the dedication page, tooFeatured throughout my table of contents, your name-the most proverbial word in my glossary
at a crossroads, where the roads diverge into a yellow wood
You never had to hit my grandmom You probably thought your shouts were unheard So you smacked her until your hand throbbed You never gave her love or concern So know, we're better without you.  
People use the word "crazy" like it's a drug."Did you see that video? It was so crazy!" "That exam was crazy hard, I don't think I passed."
I hear voices Go see the school psychologist I am not eating anything Go see the nurse I am cutting myself Go see a guidance counselor I am pregnant Go see Planned Parenthood
Sitting on a park benchAn amazing vantage pointSeeing the world pass by Listening carefully to every noiseHear a mother and a child, a husband and wife
All this time  I was waiting for a signA time when it wouldn't hurt so muchA place where I could love myself And not retort to a blade
Deadlines Closing in, a crouching tiger Waiting for me to fail, say something wrong As if I didn't hate myself enough already "Quit making excuses, there was plenty of time for this assignment"
Red, The colour you bleed As you pour your heart To the stranger on the bus. Red, The colour you bleed As you pace back and forth in your bedroom Contemplating
This is for the man on the corner of First and Dunn with a sign that breaks hearts and makes everybody run home to their heaters and high-tech computers
  From the second we are conceived we overcome, Not a second in life goes by where we have not overcome, We fight out entire lives, Behind closed doors and out in the open,
On her arm, not in pen, lady writes a phrase, not the most safe way, but with a razor blade. she feels like no one loves her, no point to be on earth, we know that it’s the opposite, but she’ll never know her worth.
Do drugs make faces lie? Does liquor deepen the hole? Cut once to fill it.     When mirrors break, glue can only dull shards.
"just be happy" is never the appropriate thing to say to somebody who doesn't know what happy is.
Sick severed lipsHolding my bare hips.Like Achilles heel,The emotional appeal is severed. And though I have no brainI can't really complainOf the wonders in the skyAnd how high I can go.
Are you proud of me? I wanted so badly, to be, what you wanted me to be. I've tried, I've struggled, I've fought, And I've stumbled.   Am I proud of where I am today?   I'm here,
Music is for the broken whose will has been abandoned and suicidal thoughts have nested. So quick to contemplate death. Instead a track plays to vibe with the heart and mend the mind to health.
alone strictly practiced discipline on cold tile unforgiving begin swelling rushing water a raging orchestra filling the tub distract
I turn like an unbalanced ballerina in the face of the mirror, Examining each curve and pudge of the body I have been drilled to hate, And squint critically as I suck in my stomach. Am I pretty yet?
she silently stares at the monsters under her bed chin resting on the knees she has pulled to her chest, eyes as empty as the rhythmic heart beating— out of obligation— between her ribs.
Learning acceptance of what cannot be changed, Gaining knowledge of destruction, Unveiling of the path which cannot be ignored, Learning old ways which cannot be ignored,
You love him he loves you There's something not supporting you two. It cuts through your love like a double-edged sword, You were barely even warned. You thought that love would be enough,
Your eyes never lost the sight of my soul, as you took my hand from me, while you wear my gold. My heart longs for you, or so I'm told. 'Cause when I woke one day, you left me
Tears stream down my face as my mind begins to scatter Feelings of hopelessness overwhelm my being Depression is no longer a word, it’s a part of me I can’t breathe
Coping mechanisms have increased Until loads of weight are placed onto my shoulder Relapses from what I once was From what I once did
They never stop Tears stream down my face I long for them to stop But they never stop
Internalize what you love, despise desire lose yourself, entire yet don't dismiss that inner tormented artist when did we proclaim that our dreams were unattainable?
Shattered Destroyed, crumbling Crumbled into pieces Broken beyond recognition Never to be intact again Death is a welcome end Sinking, wasting Save me
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