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I frown and adjust my crown. My spirit shattered, but made no sound. Counting my blessings, but my soul is down. A sadness so deep, so profound. Losing weight by the minute, I'm already down 80 pounds.  
I sit and think that with all the disasters around the world happening,there would better things you can set your mind to focus on,but the mirror was facing me,while I write this poem,could you feel the passion in my heart,can you see that I'm so
You asked me if I remembered  the kid you once were.  Instantly my mind flooded with memories. I could tell you stories on how you would try to run to the moon and back for me.
thoughts that kill thoughts of being not worthy  voices saying “no love will ever come”  trying to not give in  the voices sometimes stop  give the heart a break  before it breaks even more 
count blessings and look to the stars  for once the broken silence is ours broken only by our tear drops; and the sound of crying wolves  the anger always stops  and the courage all dissolves 
She made me realize…
Lying awake at night causes one to face their darkest fright. Whether it be school or bills or paying the rent, everybody needs a way to vent. Somewhat hopeless and all alone,
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