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How am I supposed to be confident when I have so many flaws. From the mistakes I make, the risk I take, to the scars, open cuts, wounds on my body.
I'm not exactly the prettiest flower in the bouquet,  Engrossed in perky pageant petals. 
He, she, they, or I, a deep dwelling in those crystal eyes. Emotion built, brick by brick, head, heart, and soul that play these tricks. Arms wound around your waste, yours around their neck,
  I am all I am I am neither brave nor am I strong I am all I am I am neither smart nor wise beyond my years I am all I am I am not overly courageous nor out going I am all I am
average ok
Why is there so much hate in this world? Everywhere I lend an ear I hear insults about a HUMAN...being  just that. HUMAN Being: too straight, too gay, so black, so white
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