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FINE LINES! Fine lines fine lines Between a life of blame and crime The eclipsed dystopia along the spiteful light of the heart.
Swirling dissaray The light brown and dark brown of  wood. Lines, rings, patterns.   (A Haiku)
Is that my heart in your pocket or are you just happy to hurt me?   What’s a masterpiece like you doing with a disaster like me?   Hey, you see my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I’m stable?
I gave myself lines Because I didn't know I gave myself lines Because I needed pain Something other than the Pain in my head In my heart   I gave myself lines
I could never figure out love, But I could put the letters on a page. Letters smacked on a page. If I looked at it sideways, it kinda looked like him. Maybe this was it?
My eyes count the striped white lines In the middle of the street. I speed and the lines zoom by faster. Making my eyes shake Back And Forth. Unable to count anymore, They become a solid line.
Did I do something wrong? Or was it just too long? You tell me we weren't meant to be. Only, my heart still beats for your warms lips Underneath your hips, into madness, Sadness,
The ink of laughter painted across my rib Flat beyond opinion, Line below a beat. representing a break, the breath, a life.   The greens and blues  of circles and spaces of stars and faces
So I've come to a conclusion, Everything and body is an illusion. Any sense can feel a tense delusion, Not sure what's real-- I feel deep confusion. So open, so crucial  So dangerous, so brutal.
The balding man stood behind the girl with the hair,and he wished for just an ounce of her flair.But he looked at his hands and he thought to himself:"I'm so ordinary, it's no fair."
Perhaps the saddest creature of all, Itsn't even a creature, But instead, a simple line. Parallel lines are perfect for each other.  Oh, what a beautiful pair, the two.
There is no finish line There is no big success No more reason to run
I have a confession. There is a someone, A special someone, A someone who warms my smile,
I traced the line of your jaw,  The slope of your lips,  And each curving eyelash,  Searching, For the reset button,  That would bring you back to me.
This passion of mine is a craft I refine,  Words Clash and align then get graft into lines.   Disaster and crime get you blast with a nine,  Just for cash or a dime bet you castin' a sign.
Lines are just linesuntil you give those lines meaning.Give those linesmeaning, and you givethose lines life.Lines with life tellstories of worlds within worlds anddreams only obtained
Sometimes it burns When someone says “hello” The opening line For a line of conversation To be ended with the line “good bye” But instead says no such line. That person will just leave
Sketching the world in a little black notebook; preferably the kind that highlights the light. Walk by and find that your figure has danced on my paper. I fail to see the reflecting light subside.
Are becoming so rough but nimble in my arms. They are fading away so fast that I can't explain or hold on. Dare I say this world is too narcissistic to tell itself its too frail?
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