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she said you are prisoner of your feet a rootless tree on fleet!
Good afternoon Good morning Today we're going back To the 90's Only wish I could Back when Back then Everything was so simple Had a cute katana A pink little flip phone
Over the course of time, These twelve months in this last year, I've had some obstacles to climb And I have conquered some of my fear.   In this year gone past, I've gone through quite a lot.
Beds   From deflated air mattresses to beds so big not even a pillow and a body could fill it   From lush green jungles
Langston Hughes once talked about a dream deferred  No dreams or expectations is the life i preferred
Hunched over a bright computer, Warm coffee accompanies her. Searching for words to express herself, Searching for words too difficult to tell. A closet full of skeletons, a pretty blonde head full of secrets.
Everything and everyone always has their place. Sometimes that place may not be positive, But it's all about what you do in the place you are in. Everything is what you make of it. 
You screamed at me As the tears slowly Streamed from your eyes And you never told me why All you told me is Don't be like me baby boy Grow up and be smart So your kids won't steal toys
Green light, yellow light, RED LIGHT.   Green light - proceed, Yellow light - caution, Red light - STOP.   Stop - green light, Caution - yellow light, Proceed - red light,
Behind every beautiful lie And every bad Truth Experiences arise From severe torment And new demons To god's angels And beautiful feelings Regrets poses threats and thoughts
This, not too long ago was a big impact being free was too much responsibility still young, only saw the colorful things in life, didn't care about consequences didn't care about the costs
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