'life' 'emotions' 'deep' 'depression' 'sad'

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And here I am Writing my thoughts. My thoughts for you.
Mistakes are okay they used to say, but as you get older that starts to fade. Mistakes can be permanent and I learned the hard way. When I made the mistake to be perfect it took me a while to realize it’s not worth it.
You strode through a gallery  That was your hometown  And reminisced a lifetime  Too gray to be yours   You sat beside an old love story   That still occupied a park bench 
Secrets utterly embarrassing and cruel. Mine’s no different. It’s dark,twisted,deep and wet. Tears shall flow out with a never-ending sight,a river rises from sadness.
The love that you get from your parents.  That's all a lie.  The dreams that you're fed from them. That's all a lie.  They always say that your parents are the only ones that can give you a special love. 
As I plummet back first into the sea  Bubbles of my oxygen emerge from my nose but I can still breathe  Eyes wide open as my body become paralyzed with shock  I mock the reflection of my reflection I fell through
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