life advice

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A journey of life A painful endeavor A confusing time An inner turmoil A questioning mind A cloudy mess A day by day
Don't be alarmed  Your hearts in the right place. Don't be scared of making a mistake.
It is two am- the limbo between morning and night- and I have to be up in 5 hours max. Can't sleep. All I can think about is time travel 'cause I just watched a movie where they played with time
Dear Future me, I see that your rich and successful or that’s what I want you to be. Or maybe not, I’m confused and that’s what I’m told to see. ~ I’ve been disappointed in you a lot and I know that’s not fair.
Dear baby sister,   Always remember to love Love with every fiber of your being And with no regrets Let your walls down And accept the happiness That you deserve And always know
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