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There once was a banquet.   Many had come afar.   There were dancers, games, people doing wonders.   There was even a boy with his guitar.   The party was long  
sometimessometimes the manis a bata wooden stick strikingheads with a splatnails driving deepin crisscrossing slatson slides dividingscience fictionsfrom facts  
​Smile, beacuse it confuses people. They don't need to know your efforts are feeble. Inside you're breaking down.    Smile, because it's easier than explaining...
If I could, I'd be a clown And laugh at people all day. No matter how bad, never to frown, To get up and go my own way.   Those other souls, Whose lives have been all pain,
sometimessometimes the manis a batin that a pen in his handis giving wings to a ratlives in his own worldand his world is flatthoughts like ships falloff the map  
sometimessometimes the manis a batin that he’s blindto the fact he’s a gnatmaybe his skullis still intactbut what’s insideis cracked
I’m throwin' my hand in I’m done with your games Don’t care if the next one’s Better Cause I’m tired Of the cold hearted Cheatin' and Lyin' It’s gettin' kinda old now A player
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