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The prime minister of Jamaica is seeking help from the US to track down and arrest criminal elements in New York who are shipping illegal firearms to Jamaica.
Based on reality .
Jammin' in JamaicaDriving my DeSotoBeing pursued byMy foe QuasimodoLying on the dash isThe missing person photoWhen my phone ringsI hear "Hello Moto!".(Chorus)I don't have to work
Sometimes I forget to scrub away my guiltFor not looking back at my flag and waving in return.Mama says go home and eat;Talk and sleep and dance on the crossroad.I need to go home and remember who I amAs I stroll along the sun-colored street.The p
Dear Jamaica, You have raised a bright young girl. One who has a swing in her hips, bounce in her step and a sweet devilish smile. Yes, you have created me.
Crattled little baby Not enough to change diapers The list goes on, luckily it was hyper Eagerly to jump to oppurtunities were their was none elevated from the oppresion that it have won 
Police brutality is a controversial issue that has been growing in significance in the United States.
Skies blueSun shiningTake me back to the landWhere my fathers come from   Let me speak the languageAnd listen to the musicGive me more of the foodThat my ancestors once knew  
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