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See you are the type of girl who wants everything handed to you You want diamond rings, foreign cars and clothes made by designers who's names you can't even pronounce
Every morning I miss the chance, to eat cereal. The cold milk in the fridge, beckons me every afternoon. The uneaten cereal, still in the box on the shelf. The cereal waits for me,
I love him...I love him not...He loves me...He loves me not...He trusts me? Yeah he does. Why do I feel differently about him than he does about me? Why are our thoughts so opposite? It's like our thoughts are varied about each other.
The wind whips within The windows, whining To be free, falling, frozen In time forever, But it bows out because Its blood is too thin Or maybe much too thick For this warm morning
When you are boiling up inside, It seems impossible to hide. Your soul begins to light on fire, Like a forest blaze would transpire. The hate may break your heart in two, But in the end it's up to you.
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