internet relationships

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There is nothing wrong with the way I love. Just because you don't approve. There are millions of people in this world for a reason. Not meeting them would just be rude.  So what, he lives far away.
There is a new way to make friends, a way that can be based on the most popular trends. It is very simple to do, but it is all based on you. First you must commit,
somehow i found you and for some reason you answered
Every day at school starts out with the same thing.
Popularity is our aim. Potential fame is our game. Being the best, forgetting the rest. Who needs the loyal friends.    We flock like birds. Orignality blown away in the wind.
There's no point in being someone that you aren't. The act will be obvious and off-putting. Besides, what are you gonna do if he wants the fake you?
Let me screeeeeeeeeeam Let me shout to the world Show them what I am capable of                                                 I’m invisible Minute A mute So hear me yell Hear me shout
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