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When I see a shooting star, I think of you. Every day, When my world is so blue. I want to reach for the phone to call, But, on the other end, it would be dull. I think of you when I need an ear.
I drove home yesterday. All the way from north to south. I drove home yesterday. Not a sound escaped my mouth.   I drove home yesterday.
The needles on the wall clock with the ticking sound Pulverizing my soul, making my heart pound Every audible gasp ensuing the other one A blink of eye that snatched my reason
Your eyes... They are so beautiful and ineffable as to decieve me to falling in again, like two black holes that seem empty, yet behind them is a hidden mystery. I try to avoid them to tame my curiousity...
We soar through the heavenly fields with no barrier between us, no men with shiny pedestals, or people with devilish horns You know not of my intentions but I know what lie
I’m sorry. I'm sorry I constantly want to talk to you. I’m sorry when you take long to reply, I get sad. I’m sorry if I say things that might piss you off. I’m sorry if I come off as annoying.
I need to stop falling in love with people who set a fire in me only to get themselves warm; and to watch me slowly, burn away
Without you, I can't think straight  Without you, My mind is blank  Without you, My day is cold Without you, My heart is stone Without you, I can't see Without you, I'm not me
Dear Chuy,   
I dreamt of you last night, you were smiling and holding me tight. I stood on my toes to reach your height, your beautiful face captivated my sight. Something about you seems so right.
Dear Darling,   It's been almost a year now, but your voice is still with me even if you no longer are. Conversations averted, eyes meeting from across the room,
I am slowly sinking into the quicksand of your love Letting it envelop me completely and never letting it go I fall deeper and deeper in your pool of infatauation
BROTHER Growing up we were always side by sideGetting into trouble You would run, I would hideBut now I'm running and we divideI know I'm young and I don't careBut from the bottom of my heartI'm really lucky you were therePeople come and goBrother
  She is everywhere Even now, I swear she never left She’s in every car ride When rock songs play The echoes of the way she sings
A thousand miles is a lot to walk in bare feet. But for you,  I'd grow the callus like a badge of honor.
How could you how could you love me  and then leave me how could you tell me we were forever and then cut me off like a sensless piece of string hanging off of your beautiful body
& the time begins when I start missing you. It really can't be a crime. We're just friends anyway. I applaud you for obtaining a love interest other than me.
It’s not saying goodbye but more of I’ll see you later.
To my Angel up above, I know that you're there Waving and wondering through this world without being noticed Laughing and Smiling at the things that we are blind to
Everything was great on that sunny day,  my sister calling at work? What did she need to say? Her voice was muffled and I couldn't hear, 
but what if i saw you again would it feel the same way would it be like my life source is back or am i destined to be dead are we destined to be dead i'd hate to think we can't make amends
its been so long and im still not over it we were closer to each other than i ever thought i could get to someone it breaks my heart when i see things that remind me of you but thats everything  everywhere
November 26, 2006 was the last day I got to see my father alive. How does a son suppose to cope not seeing his father around? Reality punched me in my face when I saw your casket put underground. I can feel that inevitable lump in my throat.
I learned a woman’s heart ain’
The tears she cries are not the good ones She was not just someone I dont know how it slipped my mind She was always so kind How was i supposed to know She was slowly letting go
Girl when we first met was in 6th grade  now we are off to high school  we went to different schools that was cool but  Julieann Marie Salas Cruz  deep down I still love you 
Tomorrow Tomorrow That is when you will be all mine When our hands fold like cards When I feel your marrow against mine
Of all the things I have seen in this lifetimeThere is only one thing that I'd do anything to see again.I want to see you.
Dear Brother You’ve teased me, Loved me, Tormented me, And taught me. You’ve made me cry, Laugh, Yell and scream, and smile, All in the same day. I hated you,
Death is getting a call at seven in the morning asking you to
Don’t do it, That’s what parents say
I had a dream that the trees were orange  and your heart was red and  I floated like dying leaves through your head. you said  i felt like fire burning through your veins. you spent
Summer ends my time at Parris Island. Marines marching and DI's scream. To welcome home our new Marines. June 13 the few, the proud, the graduation of my marine.
When you were in the hospise I visited you
It was a cold March day That's when I got the call And I hadn't had much to say But then I started to bawl
Don't think you can ignore me Walk out of the door and out of my life I looked up to you and thought of you twice To me you were everything, the reason I lived and breathed
What I wouldn't give to be heard. The people that surround me treat me like a bird. Yes I can fly and chirp, but all that will never be what they're worth.
    Silence of beauty and scent  Quite as a beast actions 
Help make my world come to a halt. Solid, you held me when I fought. Even when all is deemed my fault, keep the world whole when it seems wrought. And though taken with a grain of salt,
I questioned if you were reality, My perfect match staring back at me.  You pulled my world from dark to light, And encompassed me in heartfelt delight.   
Today I heard you You spoke to me through a song Lyrics echoed you    
I can't lie, I miss you. Every song I hear is about you. Every story is about us. I hear you in every word. And see a little bit of you you in everyone else. I'd rather be kissing you than missing you.
I haven't seen that beautiful smile In quite awhile It's almost been a year since you left I still have some pictures of you But it's not the same   I want to see in the flesh
It's crazy how easily someone can walk out of your life How they can just leave Never looking back Now your future isn't set in stone Everytime you attempt to envision it You fail  
The door opens and he walks out Leaving me alone in the Empty house Empty room Empty doorway With an Empty smile Empty thought Empty heart
Sun is shinning  Sky is clear  I'm Sitting by the ocean wishing you were here  Fish jumping crabs walking But still I need you right here  
    Darling I’d like to wish for some good dreams What a pleasant thing to do. Oh, Darling I’d wish for some good dreams But that’d mean leaving behind you.  
With every breath that escapes my lips Every ounce of blood pushed through my veins Every cell fighting for life in my body And every firing synapse in my brain,   I lose a piece of you.
Lost. Alone. What do you do when someone leaves without a goodbye? I can’t run and find her… I know exactly where she lies… At least what was her before she Died.
I try and I try to be perfect for you.
    I can see his tears fall lovelessly, & hers tears fall unconditonaly. i catch them always. i know he wants us to celebrate his life that he lived,
3,014 days since you breathed your last breath. 3,014 days since you last felt pain. 3,014 days I have been given to wonder if making it to the next day would be worth it.
Emotions held in, Tight, but pinned, Tears want to fall, But can't be seen, at all. The balloons held in our hands, The memories, they dance, Let go, the balloons fly,
  I got up this morning, curled my hair.   On a Sunday! I wish it were for church.   But I can’t begin to tell of the despair,   The loss, the sad, or the hurt.      
One day my whole life changed Everything around me was suddenly rearranged When I heard what happened It was was worse than I could have ever imagined You were gone in a blink of an eye
Everything is you I cant seem to fall out of your spell I dont know how to get rid of your mystic potions you put inside of me   Like the warm feeling you gave me on those Autumn days
Setting myself free might of been the answer to my conflicted mind sunsets ago, but somehow I forgot that freedom comes with a price.
I’ll Never See Your Face Again   I close my eyes and try to remember your face Every detail Every shade The pain swells up as I know                 I will never see that face again.
Another day, another night just like the one before but for me, Kurembra, my limbs are still sore I want to cry with every passing day and I want my family
Roses are red, Violets are blue. "I want to grow up, Mommy, And be just like you."   Roses are red Turns into vodka is blue. "Mom get away, what are you doing,
If the void between us Becomes too far to handle, I will make a teleportation device So I can be close to you once more   If the time apart Fades memories from my mind,
You're my big brother,                                                                                                                                 I love you with all of my  heart.;                                                              
My dear Tyler Klein you changed my life. though our time together was cut as if by a knife. I can honestly say I am a better person because of you. Any time anyone needed anything, you were there, you'd always come through.
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