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Imagine a place, worries aside, where vast possibilities abide… Where we reclaim our power, and truly be free. A day where guiding light beckons the way, deep in the essence of creation’s core. Birthing all life forevermore.
Learn warNo more....Mark Toney © 2018.6/22/2018 - Poetry form: Footle
If I told you I died 5 times today, would you believe me?   Now, in the horizon there, my passion hands on a weak branch stained of copper.   Ah, so timeless is the upset of ruin,
Imagine growing up feeling broken Broken like a clock stuck at night Afraid of words that you’ve spoken Or fearful of those that you might   Imagine stealing a glimpse at redemption
Imagine Moving to a strange country.  You're so young and get married so abruptly,  To a man you were forced to love, and you're going to have a baby. You move from Italy to Queens, where the people are pretty shady
Angelfish, drown my sorrows. teach me how to fly, as you swim, in the sea.  I’ll swim in the sky.   
With Eyes like rainbows,pools overlooking earths magnificent colors with dancing lights in which life glows my body falls as it looses all control spiraling into ur maze unconsciously losing myself as it goes
I have late night conversations with the moon  She tells me about the sun And I tell her about you  What we used to do underneath her other half  And during her time when we went our different paths 
Looking out the clear glass but dirty window I see the trees shy from the harsh, cruel wind, My mind wonders how whirling air blow; Here in a room is where I imagine.
Traveller [ Inspired by the story "Going Places" by A. R. Barton ]
One day I want to find a world Far away from this one With impossible cliffs High above the clouds With a terrain of impossible soil
Close your eyes. Imagine for a moment you wake up because someone is screaming; Imagine that he or she is begging for help; Imagine how the tears fill up your eyes, When you realize that there's nothing you can do.
Can you imagine words with no voice? Can you imagine pens with no ink?  Can you imagine paper with no empty lines?   Every word  is a tear that didn't escape. Every line
Please go away You've had your chance I don't want you to stay I'm in a hazy trance I know how I am To be honest I can be kind I can be sweet I can be the greatest friend
Click   Adjust my bow tie.Put on a façade of fanciness.I love the Met.Or is it Carnegie?Kimmel Center?Honestly can't tellSounds the same to me. Click  
Paint a picture for me
Think of all the things you've seen, The far off places, Daring scenes. Think upon the times you smiled; The tingling of Your hearts desire. Look back on your passions, prides, And all the items
Imagine living with a family of disorders, darkness riding upon corners. Imagine living with an anorexic sister, autistic brother,
While your mind sits listlessly on its throne, mine ventures to the edges of imagination. Opening up doors you unknowingly pass by, taking notes all the while,
I don’t know much about life But I know about art Art is a hard task; there are no shortcuts Art is not always beautiful It sometimes can be depressing The right brush can create a masterpiece
Play Pretend Imagine: There is a girl standing by herself, observing her features and physical characteristics in a mirror.
Two cartoony tigers, Friends for life, Who live in a house That bounces all night. Two giants, Father and son. One smart, One dumb, One is mean, One is bullied. A pine tree,
Night falls and it consumes me
With a swift brush of the breeze, you are beautiful.  Soaking in your everlasting scent, I can see you. The ability to taste your bountiful lips is euforic, in the sense of purity and love.
My imagining is free.
It's normal to have thoughts, ideas, questions. But is it normal to have an imagination? To let it wander so far into dreamlands that you'll wake up hours later not knowing where you are? Or what you're doing?
There's beauty in the forest; Love falls down from the sky. The birds all whisper softly And flutter swiftly by.   My heart sinks in the river; It sinks down through the deep.
We drift away to Narnia in our sleep, if only to gain some solace from the dreadful company we keep. In spite of the futility of it, we crave and thrive within the vicinity of our creation.
  A wise man once said to me: Imagine the world where the black man could stand, head high truly believing that as long as he drew breath he had the potential to change the very foundation of his existence.
This is not reality, but it should be! I imagine a world where kids don't kill themselves.
If one child had not been taken - had not been shot, had not been slain - if one more child had remained standing, think of the heroes she could have named.   If one child had told her stories,
life is like a canvas u add paint chage the color make the design but with this canvass you are never sure on how the canvas would look or how people will percieve it
  Imagine a world with no color How dull our lives will be Every moment the sky gray That’s not the way Our dreams won’t be dreams We will wake up with screams Because a world with no color
Imagine, A world without hate, A world without oppression, A world with peace,
Closed my eyes Heart rate slowing down I begin to hear my own beating heart   The waves move to my heartbeat Inhale, my lungs expand Just to smell the salt of the water   To my surprise
Memorizing data to spit back out verbatim That’s not learning Banking our self-worth on a letter That’s not learning Staying up so late that the book get’s blurry and our brain gets fuzzy That’s not learning
You don't own me.. My past is dead. It holds no meaning What happened happened. I need to be free of it; I need to believe in feelings that are true, That are beautiful, that are real. 
Drowning in flowers, Swimming in weeds I dive deep into an endless abyss of imagination, creation and all that is my inspiration. I don't know where I am going But I know it will be greem.
On the ground were my feet, my head in the clouds As I dreamt of a place that can never be found:   “A place with no pain, a place with no sorrow, A place where there’s always a brighter tomorrow.
What if we taught our children to think? What if we taught our children to be open-minded? We should teach our children how to never be one-sided. Open to any idea and any kind of love that in the mind can be grounded.
Blue Skies Blue goodbyes But don't fret we've still got plenty yet we'll throw  a plane and fly a ball Now lets all ride the Hopisticall He's blue and red and furry all over
I walk through the empty room, cold and scared.  It is dark in the room, but not the door.  Underneath it shines a light that is glared. Its brightness is something not to ignore.
When they look at her, They don't see her. When they hear her, They don't listen. Even when she reaches out, She is labeled as outcast   Will she ever be accepted? She has friends,
In a large round fishbowl- trapped in this world. Fed lies and sold to whomever would buy. I see things that are out of reach- like the caring souls that look on in pity- that don't have the means to save me.
I don’t really know him He really don’t know me, Took time to get to know each other slowly but gradually. (Fantasy, can you picture us with a family)?
I dream of a perfect world another world, Where children don’t go hungry, Where all people have a say in the government. Where simple medicines are provided to the ill,
Perhaps the wind blows for a certain reason Maybe the gusts have a destination in mind A specific face to refresh A particular arm to brush  
Beyond imagining the possibly perfect,  Make anything your heart will dare desire, Let it go and run wild and watch the effect, Make no limits: just immensely imagine and don't let it tire.  
discover knowledge imagine possible world create future ART
Imagine Close your eyes and touch the fabric of your existence Stroke the ends of your own rainbow And breathe in your own memories of journeys undiscovered our nation Right here. Right now
Come and lay with me under the moon lit sky, Watch the clouds pass by, light and dark and something in between, in the shapes of splashing water, the thunder and the roar,
Alone in this dark room, i begin to ponder About lifes goals, so I let my mind wonder Venture out into the depths of my thoughts And invision how well my mind has been taught Picturing myself as whatever I want to be
Sometimes I imagine myself being in a different place. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse. Sometimes it's the future, sometimes it's the past. Sometimes it's a fantasy,
When I am sleepy I go to bed, Then fairies dance around my head. Rainbow colours in glittery sparks, They tell me not to fear the dark. Then come the green elephants and blue pigs, Orange mice and yellow dogs wear wigs.
Imagine pure thought Infinite and blissful A single idea stretches And fills your whole head A natural jump and off! Exploring possibilities and wonders Exploring beauties and mysteries
Imagine time with no limits An eternity of life No death No end No rules Time doesn't exist There is no day or night No evening or noon You are in an unimaginable world
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