imaginary friends

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Johnny lets play, Like when you were young. I don't want to go away, Come play.   Don't you remember me, I was your friend since you were three. I don't want to go away, Come play.
Your words whisp’r allure, They beck’n my retrace. My eyes, how they wander,  Seek solely your gaze   Deep canyons before me, Owned by ripples darting quick Met by a smile wry
I think to when we ran together untill we both fell in the grass in the arms of the Tetons I cartwheeled. You rolled down the rocky hill. We would only end up laughing.
I'm sick of doing this. See I just want you. But do I make you happy? Do you want me too? A relationship can make you mad, but is all the time accurate?
I dreamed a dream and in it was love He had not a face nor a form But deep in his being there beated a heart Far surpassing the average or norm
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