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Turns Always Go Clockwise Four sisters spread of the floor, the shapes in their order It works. Clockwork. We play.
I am who my choices made be I choose to be be lazy I choose to procrastinate  I choose to do what I want never really achieving my goal choices are a funny thing Because I choose to put off my homework
  Before I tell you who I am   I’ll tell you who I’m not-   My name, age, gpa, and appearance.   I am, however, my opinions and my thoughts.  
Sea of greed, sea of truth My vision, the naked vision of old and new For which the present mocks the past and jeers at the future Ah, America, what is your vision What do you see behind the looking glass?
In a complex sense,  life is an entangled novel of occurrences. Each day is a catalyst towards another undefinable aspect, and because I am still so young, I have only leafed through my pages up to the preface,
She cradled a broken doll, Its lips turned up in a grim smile, Its closed lids glistened with the girl’s tears There’s music, laughter—                 “Stop,” I shout and everything fades.
               I am not my past I am not my past                 Neither am I my mistakes. I am not the scars on my arms,             Or the mascara stains on my pillow.
I am from Precious Angels, From cassette tapes and Pledge. I am from the brown bricks and burglar bar doors Where love was never constrained. I am from the short blades of grass in the backyard,
PastI am broken -This is a world of beauty and respect,Where lies are born and souls see neglect. There are people who have seen days play out worse, I too have join a life with a blank verse. 
To those who judge me before they know me Call me immature because of my age Label me a lesbian because I have short hair
As the wind blows, the trees will fall. A man will yell, 'clear' the echoes booming and crisp. It sinks into the mass of green
Every individual from the moment I was born was my teacher and asked me for the answer. There was no question, but surely, there is an answer.  (Somewhere...)  
As we rise,                   so shall we fall-                   those who go down to the sea                             in ships that never return. What is the physicality of their fear? does it linger
change is what defines me. the changes my life have made and I’ve made in my life have made me. who cares if I am the best. just go for it. do not hold back yet stay true to your convictions without faltering.  run with the change and enjoy the vi
I sat by my window Looking out at the calm night sky I looked out to the ocean The waves calm and still as they crashed on the shore
I was strugglingI was TiredOf everythingI was thinkingAnd hopingAnd then I was changingI was growingI was thinkingAnd thinkingAnd thinkingAnd thinkingAnd now
I am... Yes, I am Haitian I am… spontaneous, analytical, and passionate I am sexy...not cute Who am I? I am… chestnut brown with a little bit of cocoa swirls I am intelligent…not smart
  I am Anika Neela A girl of sixteen. Someone who is ordinary Yet smart, confident and keen. I believe in music And in the virtue of unity.
Pages. I am the pages of the books I read to learn to be the one who sat beside me. Words. I am the words they whispered in my ear, The lyrics of the songs I hear,
I Am:   Aqua. Sentient, Tranquil, Yet a storm on the inside; Raging under moonlit waves- Sometimes,
I remember the first time I got angry I ran from the kitchen table through the living room and to the foyer where I tackled my sister. One time, I bit her because she was annoying me.  
At times during the day I'm quiet and shy, but five hours later I change completely. Secrets and secrets is all I have, deep down hidden where they can't be found.
They see the smile, Assuming everything's alright. Little do they know, She cries herself to sleep at night.   She tries to hide her sobs as her father stirs awake.
It calls me closer, its calls me near "Just once and it'll be over" Death whispers in my ear Irresistible is its sweet entice Staring down, which one to slice, I observe my previous tries
I am solicitous and sanguine I wonder if we will cure all diseases I hear cries of pain and frustration I see a world full of harmony I want that those who are suffering to find serenity
I am Loud, I am the sound of a bolt of lightning on a stormy day I am the sound of an internal conversation about fireflies and the endless questions of the universe
With eyes colors of hazel and exhaustion, She picks herself up again  Speaking words thought to be too substantial for her to handle And too complex for her to comprehend.
I want to challenge society Find my own identity Shake off the belief  That today there is no relief From a world plagued by monotony  Bound to the service of an evil pathology
i am
I am srtong
A model for tee-shirts expected to be worn by stoners, Despite insulin being his only drug, Who’s told he resembles Mick Jagger. One who listens to tunes associated with razor blades, Yet remains unscathed.
You yearn for an earthly goddess Who is worthy of praise You are one who craves a raw woman An earthly goddess She's talented and charismatic but of course she's modest
I think fierce. I think...strong. Then I look, sad eyes and that gloomy stare. They looked at the child and told her the world was hers, why? They look at the young woman before them and smile,
I am me I am the child that God has created I am a human being with dreams
I am that which made me   I am my family my friends my dear loved ones   I am the music thrumming through my veins my soul   I am my history my nationality
They say I'm different. Though not academically brilliant, through my commitment, I prove I am belligerant.
I am daring and happy I wonder how the world would be if we all lived in peace I hear birds chirping as I thankfully wake up in the morning I see myself continue to strive even when it is hard
I am not the harsh words of insecure bullies from third grade I am not the cruel laughter of my classmates watching me get tripped on the playground I am not the pitiful words from my middle school counselor,
I am not what I used to be Who I will be is a mystery, I'm the blink of an eye the future is unpredictable , I can only learn from my history   I am not only my history
I am of men and earth. I am of women and worth. What I know now is now. All the what's, whys and hows. What I knew then is then. The time before men. I wish I could have known
Once I was a lot of thingsI had a blanket capeA paper crownA fairy gownBut somehow it escapedI was saving galaxiesSo sure of all I knewBut someone stole my powersNow what am I suppose to do?
This facade I display could not be less me. I pray to find people that don't simply agree. I hate the feeling of having to hide them, Lest other begin to condemn.   To make a new life is all I desire;
Who am I? I am keep going, never give up. I am suffered, but not destroyed. I am survived and better for it. I am scared, but strong.   Who am I not? I am not my abuse.
Cancer, I want answers Oh, Why did you hurt me so?   Cancer, Like a tiny dancer, I have been weakened, Why do I feel mistreated?   Cancer, I hear the banter,
Passionate, determined, benevolent, easygoing 
Lover of animal’s 
 Who fears of not achieving 
 Who needs animal’s 

I learned to write poems on my palms 
When a molecule has too many contradictory forces within it, it will pull itself apart. And that's who I am, most days,  I am a myriad of thoughts and emotions and needs and wanting, wanting, wanting
I am not the easiest to get along with I am bitter at first taste and sour on the second. It comes from experience, a horrible coating to deter predators from consuming me.
I am:   -native to NYC -intrigued by psychology -passionate about art and music -aspiring to make something of myself -openminded and friendly, but moody -working on bettering my character
I am one who relieves stress solely by listening to music. I am one who gets frustrated at the smallest things.
In the beginning we all start off the same We rely on others to help us grow To us, life is just a game  
Born a girl But read a book And now what is she, A he An it? Doesn’t she know the pain he causes others When it Or xe? Decides a thousand things In a single day?  
I am of what I came from. I am the earth. My personality like that of the wind. It blows as it pleases, alternating directions, verying, inconsistant in speed. On certain days I settle like a leaf settles on the ground as the wind subsides.
You                                                                                But a simple word to identify a person Nothing more or less   You Who is but not something of a mystery Me
I AM different, because I like music the majority doesn't listen to. I don't follow what everyone else does
It is so ironic and so paradoxicalThat the one who assignsIdentities to every singlePerson that she meetsAnd characters that she createsIs the one who isMost unsureAbout her own.
I am multilingual, A key to many doors, Behind which the world's secrets lie.   To know more languages than The average American Is a privilege and a tragedy.  
King Fleek. I don't want to be known as any other person or be called any other nick-name than King Fleek. The Fleekness lives within me like mha hart and mah sole.
Since the age of three,
I am from yellow chipped paint, From Talimage and Brant streets, The year round scent of Eucalyptus tree dust. I am from radio stations, Walkmans,             And trumpets: an extension of the arm.
You let my arms turn into holes. You watched as the holes swallowed up all of the garden lizards and tomato plants in my mother’s backyard, And you said cut your skin and spell your name wrong.
I am not what society wants me to be  I'm not loud, ghetto, pregnant, and a "suppose to be". I'm going to be greater than what everyone wants me to be. Life is a lesson and I'm not ready emotionally.
I am beautiful. Some may choose to call me “vain” or “conceited” for this but they don’t understand. I choose to call myself beautiful because sometimes I fail to see it.
I am not static, I am ever-changing. I do not lack growth, I am always rearranging. I will not be defined by my race, sexuality, or appearance,
I am mistaken, misunderstood. I am mispoken, but not for good. I am misheard but listentening. I am, will be, and have been learning. Because in the end, I can say, "I am trying."
I am I am an aspiring young biochemist Young and foolish, but bright and intelligent I am an anchor baby deemed to be a failure I am here to prove them wrong No matter the situation
I am. a Girl pRetty and strOng Not always wrong I'll keep moVing on   I am, an Athlete strOng and rouGh acT like I'm toUgh Always going to get back uP   I am,
You believed in me, When no one else did. You cared for me, When no one else tried. You wiped my tears away, When I did nothing but cry. You gave me laughter, When everyone else lied.
I Am   I am One of a Kind Loyal
I am Fearless I am Fearful I am Loving I am Cold I am Complicated I am Simple
I Am.. I am a hardworking young man. I was raised by my mother, Diane. Diane has, and always will be, my biggest fan.
Little specks of color drabble the city streets with life and brightness, carrying on, Going about themselves, moving like automatons, Wondering, laughing, mourning, smothering one another with affection, Smiling.
I am the girl you bring home to momma I am a person without a care I am the shoulder that you cry on And I am the one with no one there I am the person who tries and fails The one who creates her own hell
What do you want to be's rained on her until she was drenched She was swimming in the sea of where will you go's The future loomed over her, ready to pour Until she choked on its suffocating mask
It all started in kindergarten Where nothing really made sense Each new day was exciting And full of suspense I grabbed a green paintbrush Clutched in my little hand And I walked to the stool
Testimonyby Faith Mays  
I know how i'm sen in other people's eyes. Some whisper and probably call me super-sized. I'm sorry that I love McDonald's fries and, sure, I'll have a peice of that fresh, homeade pie. Am I annoying you with my size?
I am...broken I am a girl with cracks in her soul so deep they consume my consciousness. I battle a depression that whips my back as I tredge through miles of cement.
What they said was dark skin And a kinky lick of hairA face in stark contrast amongst the others, not fair, not fairA Child’s Tears, hidden out of sight, a locked door, and a lifetime plight
  How dare you tell me to be who I am But chide me when I try   Ask how I am Robotic response every time: Good how are you   Who am I   An object
I have eyes that have seen far too much.  I am a survivor of loss. One who believes adversity builds a strong character. I am not a victim, but a victor.
  The Mixed Kid, the one in the front of the class that gets judging stares as to ask why I am there. 
I am 16 2 jobs 22 year old responsibilities it seems   as if I ain't getting no help from nobody, it's just me   it's always been me   hurtin'
Laughable, Isn't it?
Bright, intelligent, glowing, filled with light, I would say that I am bright, Because I always try to be full of light. Through the ups and downs and the struggles of life
This is a nightmare. This cannot be real. The last time I had seen my sister and she had been fine. Well, seemingly. Tears started trickling down my cheek. I tried to hold it in.
I am confessing to a nubivagant mind. The clouds entice me; I am so very allergic to the ground. The ground is just cracked pavement with weeds growing out, trying to be pretty and, though I can relate,
I am enthusiastic About love, life, and family And just as the ocean holds an endless vast of water
I am the girl with the sparkling green eyes, a smile without pain I am the girl with the little sundress adorned with flowers and stains I am the little girl  that hates the field but still give the game devotion
I Am I Am from the land of the free, Where anything is possible with enough faith
 I Am   An Emotion   A Power
I am ...  Me I am ... A orignial master piece  Ain't no no one ike me because I am  the only me  some may look like  me or sound like me maybe even act like me But in all reality 
I am not an SAT score.
I don't Truely know who I have become, but I Know that I am amazingly normal
I Am Strong. Day by day,
I am... loud, passionate, fearless, and unstoppable.
I am from arid, sandy shores, and the aroma of soaking, summer showers. I am from sweet vegetation
I am learning who I am I am learning that I want to help others
When i think about myself, i do not see perfection What is there, perfected being at the best I do not have flawless skin and personality Neither body of kim Kardashian and famous singer No expensive paid car with mansion Although i wish,i had al
I am as good as I once was. Though years have come to pass. I’ve learned how to be myself, Just with a bit more sass.
If you met me, what would you see? First impressions are not what they appear to be.  
I am me I am the girl who brings laughter to a dark room I am the one who is always to loud at parties I am the person who gives up on nothing because she cares about everything  
I Am     It told me I was fat Said I was ugly and not worth love Shouted in my ear until I could hear nothing else Blinded me from seeing the truth And then the truth was all I could see
She’s the creativity that flows on paper The one that gets inspired by many things The young lady that expresses herself through her fluid movements  
I wasn't a mistake, I wasn't mass produced. I was planned, I have a purpose   Born to be an animal lover Born to stand for those who can't Born to give back Born to fulfill a purpose
I've spent a lot of time in the bathroom.
i am intricate.  a spiderweb, criss-crossing in the corner of your attic. i am ripped and ragged, but i cling on.  i am complicated.
Eyes that reflect our core introspection, visions, and convictions.
By: Ryan L. and Iliana N. Everything is gone Nothing to escape to Where is my hope
Have faith in me Why do you doubt, why do you cry I don’t know why
By: Ryan L. and Iliana N.    A mother’s embrace The cheery laugh of your friends
I believe in power In the force behind true love The strength of the mind
Words cling yet falter To describe me How do I retain my singularity Before I lose my sanity? I am just ordinary Anything but the contrary And for that I am so weary Of an imposing society.
I.  I am. Funny.  We always look to see what we are We attribute  Looks Likes Loves And Hates But is that what makes me I? In truth, we are nothing  Nothing but mass
These days, I question anything and everything that relates to me. Why did I absolutely have to be born? Does  my future hold having children or no children? What am I doing right now?
Yes I admit it I am lazy and I am a Latina
I am... The one who grew up in two seperate households, Who stuck to her mom like glue, I am, a person of curiosty,  Someone who wants to know why everyone does what they do..
I am quiet, weird even I am random yet a hardworker I am absent-minded but compassionate.
I am an individual, Individual person planning, Planning my next move,
Stength By Jason Bolton Things were good for the first few years. My Parents then got divorced and I started to shed some tears. Stayed strong becaus, I knew a better thing was near.  
Who am I Is a question I'm asked on the daily Well I'll tell you Just to clear up All the confusion I'm a gay 17 year old male With a past that would send you The shivers
I am one   I am two   I am many.   I am lives lived   And created through the power of the mind.  
Who is Evy? Tis but a human Who is Evy? Tis but a girl Evy?
Thankful: Everyday our parents give  We thank them, but we still want more Everyday they work to get the things we desire or want But what we don't understand is the things they go through
My books are read. My tuition is due. Give me a scholarship, so I can go to school too. 
I don't want to say I'm someone, but these labels choke me. So you can say I'm a wallflower, deathly silent,afraid. Living life like a delicate flower petal on the river tide. But I am strong,independent, and human. A bird without restraints.
I am a stray I am the thinker And the dreamer
She was beautiful, in a world where beauty seized to exist
I am quirky and imaginative I wonder why the clear day is blue and not yellow?
I am the last tear that kisses your face after a break up. I am the sea breeze that softly tousels your hair and reminds you to breathe. I am the laughter of a baby, so innocently lifting your spirits
Strange it may not seema bird in a cage,if it could fly it may intervene  
Influence was imminent. Inspiration was infinite. Fun, love, bonds, ties, cries. Games, hugs, secrets, thruth, lies. Support and morals drilled in my head. Look up to a roof, come home to a bed.
I Am… Love I am a caring young man, One that cannot be compared to another man, You see, you are unique,
Who He Is There is a boy whom… Is a hard working... Big dreaming… Never quitting young man.   And a… Love lover… That fights a fight like no other.
I am in the midst of my perishing youth
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