' 'human'

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I bleed everyday and wonder if it’s worth the pain.They say grow up, you’ll be out of the phase soon,but what if it isn’t just a phase what if its just an everyday thing.
Stop annoying me,or trying to even allure meyour phony looking feathersand those colors awful. I am not interested in yougo find one of your own kindand leave me alone. But what is wrong with mewhy do you hate me so muchI know you are upset with m
Foot sock shoe Brain skull skin I AM human
to think he made himselfwithout the helpof an Olympian Godwho molded men from clay.  nor did he risefrom bone and ashor the fires of Hell. he did not comefrom the seawith a pod of vengeful whalesfor an army. he was not bornholding a silver spoonor
It should come as no surprise the injustice is a tale as old as time haves and greater-thans ignore broken cries. They take and take, and punch and climb- // Over poor, broken, helpless -- not leaving a dime
I used to go through life Thinking it would be easier To always to be quiet, say yes And be a people pleaser. Though I thought it worked for some time It felt like smooth sailing Little did I know My own personality was failing, To grow, to blosso
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