hot chocolate

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Comfort can be hard to find in the winter.I always find it in Hot Chocolate.Because it’s more than a taste of sweetness.It’s the feeling that comes with it.
 hot chocolate hot chocolate ! where have you been ? do you know how stress out i am with out you ? MMMMMMMMM MMMMM  you taste so yummy now that i had a cup of you  im so stress free .
Spontaneously venturing On a rainy day hike I never knew, it was you I would like.   Dressed up so warm, To fend against the storm.
You love my purfume I can tell By the way you close your eyes I trigered something   Wrapping your hands around  My small frame fits perfectly You grip me tighter so I dont slip  
As Summer comes to an end, Chilly Autumn becomes a friend, Showing you what it has to give, Giving you another reason to live. The smell of Cinnamon fills the air, And no one can seem to bare,
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