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she flies and she floats buzzing around, completing everything everyone asks of her. she flies and she floats never asking any questions, or retaliating to their wishes. she flies and she floats
she flies and floats and carries out every job she knows she needs to do. she flies and floats not asking questions, or asking for any more. she flies and floats wondering if there is anymore out there,
When I was a kid I collected bumblebees with a butterfly net, Because I heard they needed saving.
The mind- the reincarnate queen,my pens- the worker bees,oozes waxen flakes of inspiration,both devilish and angelical.The ink creates a homein a soon-to-be-discovered honeycomb
CRUSH! SMASH! is all he heard when the ball of his tennis shoe descended upon amber wings that hummed between the sprays of honeysuckles… SCRAPE! SCRAP! scratch his ears as his foot twists
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