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Labels are a dangerous thing. It’s good to feel like the happy girl,
I am convinced that part of me has always belonged to you. Before we met I walked around with an empty hole somewhere between my lungs and my brain.
I glare at the full-length mirror trying to comprehend this mess you see in me. You stare at my flaws, these holes in my life, blaming them for the problem burning at your core.
I never would have noticed the Abscess on my elbow If they had not pointed it out   I strained to see it Red flushing my skin Darker than leather   O, you’re right
A facade. Gold plated, short lived.
 I will fall in lovestumble through the motionsin short days of summerand long nights on the telephonein harmonious, vacant breathes  which will fill the air, with a suffocating elapse-more like a dream
Maybe One day I hope I will make enough new memories To fill up all the gaps and holes you poked into my mind   One day nothing Will make me think of you again
I believed in once upon a timeuntil I put down the bookI believed in a happy familyuntil my family broke apartI believed in myselfuntil I was torn downPeople told me
You had me beside you We laughed We talked We were perfection… Up until the point where I was charmed into your words You came up with the idea And I had found a spot And together we dug
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