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My name is Emitt Scott and I am 48 years old. I am currently suffering with a disease that is familiar to a lot of people and the disease that I'm suffering with is HIV AIDS.   
Lively as the daylight
Whoa, that man have caught my eye My perceptions far on edge   I wonder why Who could he be?   An abuser came straight from hell To beat up on little ole me?  
When you have no where to turn. Hold yourself firm. Close your eyes. But do not look for a disguese. The truth always comes back. But if you face the fact. You will find no other true happiness.
A little boy on the grass A young teen in the bed He's a fag, he loves it in his ass Obscene, vulgar, crass I was what I wanted, so I thought Living fast, dying slow The clock stopped moving on the dot
Don’t be tricked Everyone says their clean But you found out she lied when you got picked It all blew up like a action scene
Just because he touches you that doesn't mean you RUN AWAY. She holds his hand only if she is wearing gloves. He begs her to not RUN AWAY. Let me guide you to the way of their hearts.
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